Hot Topic Is Selling A Super Goth Valentine's Bath Collection For All You Creepy Lovebirds

Valentine's Day has developed a bit of a stereotyped image over the decades. It's all about the reds and pinks, the frilly white lace, the sweet carnations, and the satin and silk textures. But what if you have a more spooky aesthetic? For those that enjoy a more Craft-like experience, with goth undertones and witchy accents, then Hot Topic's "Till Death Do Us Part" bath collection is the valentine you have been waiting for.

The collection takes the idea of a heart shaped chocolate box you can pick up at the drugstore on your way to work, and gives it a dark makeover. Rather than it sporting red cardboard and cream-filled chocolates, it's a silver-grey box with raven's wings forming the shape of a heart. Across it is a dark gold and black brocade ribbon, with the words "Till Death Do Us Part" ominously scribbled across. It's creepy and romantic all at once.

Upon opening it, you're not met with an assortment of nugget-filled candies, but with eerie bath products. Nothing says, "I love you" more than the gift of a cozy, luxurious bath. But rather than the usual bath salts and shower gels, you can give your love your heart — literally.

"Till Death Do Us Part" Bath Collection, $17, Hot Topic

The inside includes a vanilla and caramel scented solid fragrance, a skull shaped candle to set the mood, black amber bath confetti to get the water as dark as your heart, eucalyptus essential oil, and — the kicker — a heart shaped soap with aortas and all.

"Till Death Do Us Part" Bath Collection, $17, Hot Topic

While bouquets of flowers and little teddy bears are nice, this gift is so much more creative and unsettling, and because of it, way more fun.

It's also quite the steal. Right now, the kit clocks in at $17, and considering a Valentine's Day card costs $7 nowadays, that's not really all that pricey. While there aren't too many reviews on the site to help you gauge whether it's worth it or not, there is one and the person seemed to really enjoy it. But they did hint the products were on the small side. Rating it five stars, they wrote, "My boyfriend bought me this gift set and it smells so good ! Its so tiny that its cute. My favorite items in the box is the heart soap and eucalyptus essential oil." So we know it's not a dud.

If you would love to add in a few more spooky-related products to your gift, below are some more stand-alone picks.

Blackheart Beauty Love Potion Sparkle Bath Powder

Blackheart Beauty Love Potion Sparkle Bath Powder, $6, Hot Topic

What's more fitting during Valentine's Day then a love potion? Sneak it into the gift and turn a bath experience into a magical spell. Strawberry scented and shimmery, it's the perfect indulgence.

Essential Oils For The Magical Soul

Essential Oils For The Magical Soul, $10, Hot Topic

These cruelty-free essential oils are too fun. They include: "Toe of Frog," a rosemary scented oil that's meant to boost your focus and reduce stress; "Wool of Bat," a lavender scented oil to relax you; and "Scale of Dragon," a sandalwood oil to help you reach mental clarity.

Porcelain Wolf Arachnophobia Bath Bomb

Porcelain Wolf Arachnophobia Bath Bomb, $9.67, Hot Topic

Named for the fear of spiders, this bath bomb will turn your tub as black as your soul in an instant. While the black cherry scent is soothing, the little plastic spiders hiding inside might break up your relaxing dip.

Valentine's Day just got a whole lot creepier. And, be honest, you aren't even a little disappointed.