How To Donate & Help Kids On 'We Day'

Jeff Spicer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This week, ABC will televise WE Day, a special organized by the WE Movement that aims to empower young people to change the world around them. It'll be a star-studded event, and the organization's mission is one pretty much anyone could get behind. There are also a ton of ways to donate to WE, and given the important work they do, you'll probably ways to check them out.

According to the organization's website, WE Day "brings world-renowned speakers and A-list performers together with tens of thousands of young people to celebrate their contributions and kick-start another year of inspiration," and students can make their way to the WE Day event by logging volunteer hours and raising money for charities. The site also says that WE Day brought more than 200,000 children together this year to get "inspired" about work being done in their communities. WE Schools is one of the groups initiatives that works to "provides educators and students with curriculum, educational resources and a full calendar of action campaign ideas," according to the site, and gets kids involved in with more than 12,000 schools across North America and the United Kingdom.

To make a long story short, WE really strives to offer young people the opportunity to help their communities however they wish. The group's site accepts easy, one-time general donations both online and via mail, and you can set up recurring monthly donations if you choose. But one of the coolest parts of WE's site is just how specifically you can tailor your donation, and how many causes it can benefit.

If you'd rather get more hands on with your contributions to WE, you can browse their donation initiatives, which allow you to designate your money to a specific cause. You can request that your money go toward everything from providing a single person with clean water for life for $25, to outfitting an entire community's classroom for $1,000. There are scholarships you can finance and schools you can help create if you've truly got money to spend, and even options that allow you to donate to healthcare for new moms and babies. Like the work WE does, the donation options seem to span countless areas.

Those interested in learning more about the work WE does should tune into WE Day on ABC, and it's shaping up to be a worth a watch for tons of reasons. According to an ABC press release, the show is hosted by John Stamos, will feature appearances from March For Our Lives organizers, and tons of celebrity appearances by the likes of Jennifer Aniston, The Chainsmokers, Will Ferrell, Whoopi Goldberg, Selena Gomez, and more.

"The WE Movement is all about empowering the voices of young people and their families to create the change they want to see in their communities and beyond. All WE asks is that they bring the belief that they can change the world, and WE will provide the tools to help them do it," organization co-founder Craig Kielburger said in the release linked above.

WE obviously works in plenty of different realms of service, so there's probably an option for you no matter how you want to donate. And when WE Day airs, it'll shed even more light on all the work they do.