You Can Now Sell Your Poshmark Items On Snapchat

by Kali Borovic
Courtesy Pinterest

Online shopping is fun, but not exactly the most social thing to do — until now. Thanks to the two apps teaming up, you can now sell from your Poshmark closet right on Snapchat. It's pretty darn simple, too. So while you're adding those flower crowns and filters, add a tag to your closet. You could just make some cash.

Trying to sell to your friends can be awkward. There's one half of you that wants to make money and the other half that doesn't want to feel pushy. The new Snapchat feature allows you to subtly hint to your friends, instead. Snap Kit, the new venture between the two apps, allows you to tag your clothing items from your closet in your photo. Your friends can then click on the tag and be taken right to your virtual closet.

It's super easy to start, too. All you have to do is sign into Poshmark through your Facebook to link the two together. Then just go to your Snapchat, upload a photo of the outfits, and tag away.

The idea is pretty simple. The more people that see your listing, the better chance you have of making sales. As of June 14, there is no way to tag to other people's closets though — just your own.

Unfortunately, you do have to wait a little while for the feature to come out. The Poshmark feature won't be out until the end of 2018. After that, the Poshmark feature should be right there waiting to be used.

Courtesy Poshmark

The combination of the two apps makes a whole lot of sense. Both Snapchat and Poshmark are meant to be used as social media platforms. Although Poshmark allows users to make money, a foolproof way to do well is to like, comment, and follow other people's posts — just like any other social media app.

"Poshmark is so much more than a resale shopping platform," says CEO of Poshmark Manish Chadra. "Millennials are drawn to the marketplace because it's a social shopping experience. People engage with each other on the app through likes, comments and shares, similar to that of a social network, making a community-driven social shopping network."

The brand is making the network even bigger than it already is. While Poshmark gives sellers the ability to draw in other like-minded dressers, you can now share directly with your friends. That's many more eyes on your wardrobe and even more chances to get someone to buy.

Let's break it down this way. According to the press release, over 4 million sellers are on Poshmark. While that's a whole lot, it doesn't even begin to rival the 191 million users on Snapchat. The two social media apps combining means that there will likely be even more people looking to make closets, buy your clothing, and get social.

Even better, it give you a way to show people what each clothing item looks like in video form. As of June 14, the only way to get a feel for an item is to see it in a photo or comment questions to the seller and hope that he or she gets back to you. As shown in the video above, you can now tell exactly what you're selling and let people see how the item moves as well.

If people do want to know more about the item, they can click the tag that will take them directly to your closet. It's truly never been easier to shop your friends closet.

Courtesy Poshmark

You might not be able to go over your friends house and pick through his or her racks like you did once, but this is the next best thing.