How Chrissy Teigen Uses Her BECCA x Chrissy Glow Face Palette

Chrissy Teigen has never, ever washed her face before bed. No, really, she swears. Teigen has just confessed the biggest skin care sin to a room full of beauty editors, and audible (but polite) gasps fill the air. The model, cookbook author, TV host, and social media phenom is taking a break from her zillion other projects to promote her BECCA x Chrissy Glow Face Palette in the kitchen of a Beverly Hills mansion. She and her makeup artist, Mary Phillips, are here to demonstrate how one should use the bronzer, highlighters, and blush to look as golden and glowy as Teigen, and all of us are watching in awe and taking notes, furiously.

This isn't any ordinary promo event — Teigen and BECCA Cosmetics want us to feel like we're at her home, complete with her three dogs, Puddy, Pippa, and Penny, and even her mom (@PepperThai2). There are Lumee cases for the taking, stacks of BECCA x Chrissy-branded stickers featuring hot dogs and sleep masks piled high, and, of course, rows and rows of Teigen's palettes and BECCA products everywhere. Platters of sliders, personal pizzas, and bottles of Rosé are situated by a OUAI and nail bar outside, and when I turn around, I'm greeted by a beautiful pool and an even more beautiful LA skyline. It's as "extra" as ever, and I'm here for every bit of it — especially the palette.

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The BECCA x Chrissy Glow Face Palette contains four warm shades that Teigen hand-picked. There's Shimmering Skin Perfector Beach Nectar, an apricot highlighter infused with gold; Malibu Soleil, a medium amber bronzer; Hibiscus Bloom, a golden pink coral blush; and Rose Gold, Teigen's favorite BECCA gold-infused highlighter. In addition to showing us all of the ways we can wear the palette, Teigen and Phillips also spilled their favorite beauty secrets during our intimate hangout.

1. Chrissy Teigen & Mary Phillips Worked On The Palette Together

Yes, the palette is a BECCA and Chrissy Teigen collaboration, but Teigen shares that Phillips, her longtime makeup artist, was definitely a part of the development. Teigen and Phillips tried to make sure the palette was representative of the shades that Phillips likes to use on Teigen, both on and off the red carpet, to nail that California-girl glow.

2. You Can Customize The Palette However You Want

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"If the bronzer seems too dark, mix the [Beach Nectar] Shimmering Skin Perfector to lighten it up, or you can customize your own shade," Phillips tells us. "If something seems a little too matte for you, you can mix a little of either of the Shimmering Skin Perfectors. If you want a glowy bronzer, you can add a dab of the Rose Gold before you touch the bronzer. Add a little bit of the Beach Nectar to the Hibiscus blush if you want." Phillips' go-to method? Going back and forth, and mixing all of the products together.

3. Chrissy Was Hesitant About The Palette At First

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Although BECCA's Global Style Director Kerry Cole tells me it didn't take very long at all to develop the palette, Teigen shares that she wasn't completely sold on the shimmer and brightness of some of the shades. "When we first got it, I was scared it was too shiny and thought, what are we going to do — have two shiny things and then another shiny thing? I didn't trust anyone could handle it because I couldn't handle it. I would be an idiot with it," Teigen confesses. "I wanted to make sure that one was more matte and [the final product] ended up being perfect. But when you look at these, they're so silky, and so, so beautiful. I didn't realize how important such a bright shade of blush was. It was scary to me at first, because I didn't think it fit, but now when you use it, every single time, I can't imagine using anything else."

4. The Rose Gold Pressed Highlighter Is Chrissy's Absolute Favorite

Phillips and Teigen suggest using the Rose Gold highlighter to fake a spray tan, which is something Teigen used to do on the reg. "Rose Gold is my favorite shade. No matter if I'm pale or very, very tan — there's no in-between for me. Before Luna, I would get a spray tan every two to three days. But after Luna, I sort of gave up. My color started changing and I just started to get a bit lazy and Rose Gold saved my life."

5. Chrissy Is Not About The Full Contour For Everyday

"I'm not doing contour on my f*cking self during the day, like when I go to Bristol Farms, I'm not doing this contour," Teigen says as she points to her gorgeous makeup that Phillips just did. "I do forehead, lower cheek, underneath [my chin], and that's it." Teigen also admits during our hangout that she isn't a fan of major highlight, coining the term "Zorbots" — those people on Instagram with that blinding silver highlight beaming from their cheekbones. While she's all for the "slay queen," in her words, Teigen is personally way more interested in a natural looking glow, like the one you can get from her BECCA palette.

Phillips chimes in, spilling how she likes to use the palette to contour on Teigen. "I like to use an angled brush for contour with powders — I just like to blend it into the hairline. Get it right under the cheek or the jawline. For daytime, it's so sheer and glowy, that you can just put a light illusion of a contour. You can use a denser brush or build on it for the nighttime to bump up your look."

6. You Can Use The Palette On Your Lips & Eyes, Too

Phillips loves applying the Shimmering Skin Perfectors into a clear lip gloss to create a glowy, glossy lip. She also likes to swipe the bronzer on Teigen's eyelids to give warmth and depth. "To blend out your eye makeup, I'll dip the brush and just blend out all the eyeshadow and warm up the brow bone."

7. Chrissy's Daily Makeup Routine Couldn't Be More Simple

What's Teigen's go-to if she's not headed to a photoshoot or a big event? "An eyelash curler, Lancome mascara, I love a NARS concealer, a big f*cking hat, and thigh highs, so everyone's like, 'Omg, look at what a big whore she is. As long as you wear thigh highs, no one cares about your makeup.'" Noted.

8. Chrissy Is A Huge Fan Of Drugstore Brands

Teigen tells us that she basically lives at the drugstore — that's how much she loves a good, affordable makeup product. Without hesitation, Teigen quickly lists her must-haves. "Aquaphor, Biore nose strips, Ardell lashes, Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes, and Clean & Clear Wipes."

9. Chrissy Has Beauty Celeb Idols, Just Like You & Me

Chrissy Teigen still has celeb beauty crushes like a regular 'ol human. When another reporter asks Teigen whose makeup style she idolizes, she was quick to answer. "J.Lo, Jessica Alba, anyone Mary [Phillips] does," she laughs. "I feel like they look good, natural, beautiful, and young and fresh, and they have kids, but they still look cool."

10. Chrissy Never Washes Her Face Before Bed

When Teigen reveals to us all that she has "never ever" washed her face at nighttime, we are completely shook. How is that humanly possible?! Easy — with the help of an expert aesthetician. Teigen credits her clear complexion to her favorite LA-based facialist. "There's a woman here named Shani Darden. She's fantastic. She goes very hard on the skin. She does Jessica Alba, Rosie Huntington. She goes in on you, and she uses this IS Clinical product and it's really amazing."

12. Chrissy Doesn't Like To Use Primers, Setting Sprays, Or Lip Masks

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I ask Teigen what her skin care prep is before she wears makeup, and she tells me that she doesn't like to use primers, setting sprays, or lip masks. "It looks the same without it," she tells me. Instead of primers and sprays, Phillips likes to take her time on Teigen, letting the makeup get "yummy," meaning she allows the products enough time to absorb into the skin before doing a very quick sweep of powder.

13. The Weirdest Beauty Treatment Chrissy's Ever Gotten Has To Do With Her Armpits

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"I had my armpits sucked out, which was one of the best things ever," Teigen shares. "It's a big secret, but I don't care. When I went, it was maybe like nine years ago and it added two inches to my armpits. I don't want to toot about it, but it was great. It's back though, now, so now I gotta pay for it again. But it was so easy. It made me feel better in strapless dresses and it made me feel more confident. I have no regrets, honestly." Teigen didn't confirm that the procedure she had was liposuction, but based on her description, I think that's what she was implying.

The BECCA x Chrissy palette is $46 and will be availble to shop on the Sephora Mobile App on Friday, May 5 and on on Monday, May 8. Go on and get your glow on like the Glow Queen herself!