The “Hot Felon” & Topshop Heir Met At A Place Almost As Surprising As Their Relationship

by Parry Ernsberger
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The "Hot Felon" and the Topshop heir just welcomed a child together, but how did Jeremy Meeks and Chloe Green meet in the first place? The circumstances surrounding the beginning of their relationship are... let's say, "complicated," but it seems as if the two first crossed paths while attending a party at the Cannes Film Festival, according to the UK's Mirror.

Meeks spoke to the Mirror about his relationship with Green back in November 2017, and revealed that she was the one who made the first move. "When I met Chloe at a party at Cannes Film Festival, I was on my own, not talking to anyone so she came and started talking to me," he said. "She is very kind and considerate, and that is what attracted me to her. But that first night, we just talked for a couple of minutes and went our separate ways.”

According to Meeks, he ran into Green again at another party in Monaco shortly thereafter, but it wasn't until their third encounter — at a dinner thrown for him by designer Phillipp Plein, whom Meeks had modeled for — that they really hit it off. "I don’t know who invited her [to the dinner] but I am happy to say that she was there and that after that we fell in love," he told the Mirror.

News of Meeks and Green's romance spread like wildfire after paparazzi first snapped the couple kissing on a yacht in Turkey in June 2017, Us Weekly reported. The photos of the loved-up pair caused quite a bit of controversy, though, as both of them were reportedly still involved with other people.

Green — who is the daughter of Sir Philip Green aka the British billionaire behind Topshop — was rumored to be dating Robert Cavalli — son of iconic designer Roberto Cavalli — when she and Meeks got together, the Daily Mail reported. Neither Green nor Cavalli confirmed or denied their relationship status publicly, but photos made it clear that they at least ran in the same circle.

As for Meeks, well, things got considerably more messy for him once the photos of him kissing Green hit the internet. Legally, Meeks was still married to his wife Melissa at the time, but he's always maintained that "my marriage had been over for a long time when I met Chloe," Meeks told the Mirror in November 2017. “For a while my wife and I had a very good life together and then for a long time we didn’t," he said. "The marriage was over for a lot longer than people think."

Meeks' wife, however, has said otherwise. In an interview with the Daily Mail from July 8, 2017, Melissa said that her marriage to Meeks definitely wasn't over and that she thought he'd gone to Turkey for work — until she saw the photos of him and Green kissing.

"The first I learned of [Meeks and Green] was when I woke up and checked my phone," she said. "Some random person I don’t know sent a direct message with the photograph of my husband kissing that woman. I went into shock. I felt nauseated. It was like a bomb had gone off and my whole world had been blown apart. I’d never heard of Chloe Green. I thought Jeremy was working."

In the same interview with the Daily Mail, Melissa claimed that she and Meeks discussed the photos after he returned home from Turkey, and ultimately decided to officially end their marriage. On July 10, 2017 — two days after Melissa's interview with the Mail came out —  Meeks filed for separation from Melissa, and subsequently filed for divorce in October, TMZ reported.

Meeks and Melissa reached an agreement in their divorce settlement in March 2018, TMZ reported, but it's unclear whether or not the divorce has actually been finalized. Meeks and Green announced the birth of their first child together, Jayden Meeks-Green, via Instagram on June 7, and shared that he was born on May 29. And regardless of the drama involved in their introduction and relationship, they seem to be doing just fine.