Emma Bunton's Partner Was Also In A 90's Pop Band & OMG, The Throwbacks

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Emma Bunton's got a slew things coming her way this year — she'll no doubt be getting lots of praise for her new album, she'll be embarking on a tour with the Spice Girls for the first time in a very long time, and plenty more that's yet to be confirmed. But Bunton does have plenty of support and stability in the form of her longterm beau. The former Baby Spice seems extremely loved up, and with none other than R&B singer turned chef Jade Jones. It might seem like a pretty bizarre colliding of worlds, so how did Emma Bunton meet Jade Jones? This couple just seems to make so much sense.

On March 9, the Irish Independent announced that Bunton and Jones were set to tie the knot, which feels like a long time coming, especially after their reported eight-year engagement. The couple were reportedly seen in Enfield Register Office in north London, giving their intent to marry, which means they now have less than 12 months to make things official.

Discussing the potential marriage with Mark Wright on Extra in 2017, Bunton said: "'It's been 20 years, we have two children, he's my soul mate, my confidant... I think it's something we would both like to do but we're both so unorganised." These two clearly go way back, so how did it all begin?

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Jones and Bunton first crossed paths when Bunton was performing with the Spice Girls and Jones was with the short-lived boyband Damage. As OK! Magazine reports, the pair first started dating sometime in 1998, and were on and off again for a while, before rekindling in 2004 to make things offish. According to the publication, announced the birth of their first child Beau Lee Jones in 2007, and their second five years later in 2011, another boy named Tate Lee Jones.

Bunton released her fourth solo album My Happy Place on Friday, April 12, which features a super sweet duet between her and her hubby-to-be. The track's called "You’re All I Need To Get By," and it's a cover of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell's romantic classic. The album's full of covers of some of Bunton's favourite songs and duets with some of her favourite people, which includes a cover of the iconic Spice Girls hit 2 Become 1, which features none other than Robbie Williams.

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I imagine that her duet with Jones is closest to her heart, though, as she revealed to Metro on March 29 that their studio session was very loved-up. "‘Years ago we did something with Damage but we weren’t in the booth together, but this time we were in there together and it was quite romantic,’ she told the paper. "We were hugging and kissing and the producers were like, 'can you just get a room?' So it was really special and romantic."

To still be that into one another over two decades on is surely couple goals, and a testament to Bunton and Jones' affection. I reckon when the Spice Girls tour, they should bring out Damage for a reunion, too.