Instagram Just Launched A New Tool That'll Help You Apply To Get Verified Super Easily

Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you’re an up-and-coming Instagram influencer, or maybe you want to up your social media cred, the platform has just made your dreams of being a social media standout a bit more accessible. According to TechCrunch, the social media company just announced a rollout of new features to amp up their security offerings. In order to promote the safety and authenticity of accounts within the Instagram community, you can now apply to have your Instagram account verified. Literally, that's it! Once verified, your Instagram profile will carry that nifty blue check mark badge once reserved exclusively for the likes of celebs and major public figures, and accounts with eleventy gazillion followers.

Now, getting verified is something that anyone can apply for in a clear and straightforward way. Up until this new security feature announcement, having a blue check mark on your profile meant that you were a somebody, and the process for getting verified on Instagram was not clear. According to Mashable, those previously elusive blue checks grant users a prime spot in search results, as well as access to special features like adding swipe-up links in Stories, so the new rollout is likely to ignite a ton of interest.

Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

While there’s no guarantee that application for verification will get you that oh-so-desirable blue Insta badge, it’s certainly way more accessible now. The badges are meant to verify the authentic Insta profiles of celebrities, major brands, public figures, or other "notable people," per TechCrunch, so if that sounds like it could be you, then give that new verification feature a whirl. Mashable reports that before the new rollout, methods for acquiring blue Insta badges were just a tad murky — meaning that lots of folks had no idea how to get one. According to a recent press release via Instagram, however, requesting verification has never been more simple.

To access the verification request form, go to your profile, tap the menu icon, choose “Settings” and then select “Request Verification.” You’ll then be asked to verify your identity by providing your account username, your full name, and a copy of some form of legal ID — all of which is private and will not be shared publicly. Once your request has been reviewed by the Instagram team, you’ll receive notification of either a yay or nay in the notifications tab. Also note that Instagram will never ask you for money to verify your account, and they won’t reach out again for further verification once you submit your request. You can also visit Instagram’s help center for more information about verified badges.


Keep in mind that while the process for attaining Instagram verification badges is way more transparent now, making the cut is another story altogether. According to criteria listed in Instagram’s help center, verification is only granted for accounts that are authentic and unique, but also “notable.” Meaning that “Your account must represent a well-known, highly searched for person, brand, or entity.” Verified accounts must appear in “multiple news sources,” while paid or promotional content doesn’t count.

Mashable further reports that Instagram verification serves as a way for the social media platform to authenticate brands and figures that reach wide audiences, but it can also provide a major visibility boost for up-and-coming businesses and influencers. So if you think you’ve got a fair shot at the verification process and want to help your social media presence pop, why not give it a whirl?