Here’s How You Can Take One Of The Most Popular Personality Tests Online Right Now

by Brittany Bennett

In this life we're all just sort of trying to get to know ourselves a little better. Our likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. How we can relate to people and how we can answer job interview questions even better. There are personality tests to help you with that. One of them is called the Enneagram test, and it's amongst the most popular of personality tests in existence. If you're wondering how to take the Enneagram personality test, good news: it's actually quite easy. And in some instances, free. So you can get your self discovery on quickly and sometimes without any hidden fees.

You might already be familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test which sorts personalities into 16 types. When you take the Enneagram test, though, there are nine very different results that you can get. The Enneagram Institute, formed in 1997, describes their mission on their official website as, "help[ing] us to see ourselves at a deeper, more objective level and can be of invaluable assistance on our path to self-knowledge."

People are complex and personalities can't exactly be pigeon-holed, and the Enneagram test acknowledges that. While your basic personality is first covered, the measurement of your personality is expanded. The website explains, "No one is a pure personality type: everyone is a unique mixture of his or her basic type and usually one of the two types adjacent to it on the circumference of the Enneagram. One of the two types adjacent to your basic type is called your wing." It takes a lot to make up one, unique person!

The test breaks people down into personalities typed one through nine. But where you fall on the chart, other types can seep into your overall self. The institution's website writes, "For example, if you are a personality type Nine, you will likely have either a One-wing or an Eight-wing, and your personality as a whole can best be understood by considering the traits of the Nine as they uniquely blend with the traits of either the One or the Eight." The test even dips into your instincts, which are summed up by 3 (Self Preservation, Sexual, and Social) that further differentiates us. This, however, is determined by a whole other test called the "Instinctual Variants Questionnaire."

If you're just looking to uncover your basic personality type, look no further than the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI version 2.5). It'll let you find deeper insight into who you are and why you do the things you do, and, ideally, describe your general demeanor and outlook on life. You can take that test for $12 officially through the Enneagram Institute's website.

Additionally, you can also purchase the 'Instinctual Variants Questionnaire' to add onto your RHETI test on the website, which will also cost about $12, making your total $24. The IVQ add-on will let you dive deeper into figuring out your Enneagram result, and how it fits into your life. Hey, it might seem like a lot to pay to get to know yourself better. But it is much cheaper than a trip to Europe.

Overall, the test is fairly in-depth, but again, the results that it will ideally supply will be even more in-depth. Most people who take the test, according to the official website, end up with at least a little of all nine sub-types included in their overall Enneagram result, and it's rare that someone will ever really be confined to one type. Humans are extremely nuanced, complicated creatures, and this is just proof of that!

So, now that you know how and where to take the test, what are you waiting for? Go forth and find out what it is about you that makes you... well, you.