How Harry Potter Would Have Been Different If Neville Was The Chosen One

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When it comes to exploring the Harry Potter universe and all the myriad fan theories, there is always another piece of the puzzle to explore. It's why Harry Potter has been such a beloved piece of pop culture for so long. It's also because of the long-standing love affair we continue to love extensions of his universe, including Harry Potter and The Cursed Child as well as Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. But could we still love a particular Harry Potter character if their role in the wizarding world was different? The Cursed Child has already played around with the notion of time, the role of destiny and cast beloved characters in different (sometimes troubling) lights. Which leads me to wonder what would happen if Harry's core function as The Chosen One was suddenly handed over to another character. As in: What would happen to Harry Potter if Neville Longbottom had been The Chosen One?

When you think about it, Harry and Neville have had some strong parallels in their circumstances. Both boys lost their parents in different ways and at very young ages. While Neville went to go live with his grandmother, Harry was shipped off to The Dursleys, his cold and distant relations. Both boys are outsiders in various ways. Both are Gryffindors. But when it becomes evident that Harry's fate will fundamentally affect the rest of the wizarding world, the way these two boys mature into young men differs greatly.

So, what would the world be like if Neville was raised by relatives and could speak Parseltongue instead of Harry? What would fundamentally change if the roles were reversed? Would Neville be able to defeat Voldemort? Would Harry develop a love for Herbology? Let's unpack this exciting idea.

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