How Her Love For Burgers, Boxing And Backbends Led This Entrepreneur To Success

At the peak of her previous career, Olivia Young was the brand director for a large hospitality company, and consulting for both hospitality and brand development firms. Yet despite her success in those fields, Young's biggest commitment continued to be her daily 5 a.m. wake up call and fitness regime. After seven years in the industry, Young found herself feeling disconnected from it. She soon realized that her passion was truly rooted in exercise and decided to make a change. Using her two favorite workouts — yoga and boxing — as inspiration, Young combined the best elements of each and created box + flow.

Leveraging the fire of a boxing match with the flow of a vinyasa class, the 55-minute workout creates equilibrium in the mind, body and soul. Today, Young is all about balance — both in the gym, and in her everyday life. In fact, her personal mantra is, “boxing, burgers, backbends and beer.” Taking what she's learned from her own metamorphosis, Young hopes to inspire everyone to strive for a physical and mental balance in their own lives, too.

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