How Late Is Target Open On Christmas Eve? Last-Minute Shoppers, Rejoice!

No shaming here — I am sure there are plenty of you embroiled in this holiday shopping pickle. It's Christmas Eve and you still have people to shop for and gifts to get. That's a full on anxiety-inducing and totally "YIKES" situation. Target is a wonderful retailer for last-minute holiday shopping, especially if you have clothing or beauty items to buy for the fashion and/or product-obsessed person in your life. Target has an amaze selection of ugly holiday sweaters and cute gift sets, like the variety of adorable offerings from Soap & Glory. What time is Target open until on Christmas Eve, so that you can get your last-minute shopping done and over with?

Well, according to an email blast Target sent to subscribers, most Target locations are open until 10 p.m. local time. Some may even be open later. You'd need to check in with your local Target for their exact closing time. But the retailer does note that you can order something for in-store pickup through 6 p.m. local time, since most stores remain open up until 10 or later.

Below is the screen grab from the aforementioned Target subscriber email, offering what will be much-appreciated assistance to last minute and desperate shoppers.

Last-minute deals, order pickup, and open late? Seriously, it sounds like Target is your sole destination if you've got gifts to get and are strapped for time.

Here is the screen grab from the Target site, also noting that stores are open until 10. The asterisk indicates that you should do your homework about Targets in your area, because that time can and may vary.

Darth Vader Sweater, $19.59, Target

This ugly holiday sweater should be a magnet drawing you into your local Target. Well, that and the fact that the store is open late and potentially saving your holiday hide.

Images: Courtesy of Target (3)