There's Actually A Limit To How Long Your Instagram Question Sticker Responses Can Be

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Jul. 10, Instagram released a new feature that became a fan favorite, instantly. The feature comes in the form of an addition to the sticker collection, and it gives users the opportunity to ask their followers to submit questions or responses, for fun. Similar to the poll sticker and the emoji slider sticker, the question sticker gives users a chance to casually, yet personally interact with their friends and followers. It takes the conversation out of the direct message inbox, and into the Story, which takes some of the heat off of an interaction. While the feature's functions are pretty intuitive, there are a few things to know about the question sticker that are less obvious. For example, how long can answers be to Instagram question stickers? You'll want to know before you think up an epic response that will only get truncated and leave you feeling snubbed. This is Instagram after all, so don't get the feature confused with a Reddit AMA!

When someone posts a question sticker to their Stories that you'd like to post a response to, you'll only be able type up to three lines of text. Once you reach that small text limit, the sticker will prevent you from typing more. If this happens, you two options. The first option is you find a way to minimize the length of your response. If you're a Twitter user, you probably already have some great net speak hacks that you can use, like cutting out vowels, using abbreviations whenever possible, and making your response as minimalistic as possible. The other option is that you post multiple responses. One of the coolest aspects of this feature is that you can post as many responses as you want. Theres no limit to how many times you can answer a question or submit a response to the original poster.


How might this be situation be applicable to you? Great question. Let's say an influencer that you follow asks for recommendations for books that are similar to Bright Lights, Big City, and this just so happens to be your literary forte. You actually have a list of relevant books that you want to share with the poster, but can't fit them all into one response. In this situation, you'd send multiple responses to the posted question, and the user would be able to see each and every one of them in their "Response" folder. Another way this might apply to you is if someone you follow is adopting a dog and has opened up questions to their followers about the process. If you're in a similar situation, or curious, you might have tons of questions that you want to ask. You can submit as many as you want, and the original poster will have the option to respond to as many of your submissions as they want. They might choose to answer them all, or just one, but it's totally socially acceptable to send in as many relevant answers or questions as you want. But while the user might not reply to address all of your submissions, they still can read them and appreciate them, so if you have relevant information to offer, this is a great opportunity to use it to connect. You don't have to worry about bothering someone when they've literally asked for your questions!

And, you never know, giving someone a brunch spot recommendation might lead to you making a new friend. That's the point of this feature, it gives us a natural opportunity to get to know our Instagram community better. Instead of just idly following each other and double tapping here and there, we can get the conversation going without having to try to hard to think of the right things to say. The question sticker acts as a much needed prompt that helps us to get out of our shells a bit and get to know each in a different way.