This Is When Everyone Will Feel The Effect Of Cancer Season The Most

With the end of June, and the formal beginning of the summer, also comes the beginning of Cancer season. Starting June 21, the earth enters the fourth astrological sign, and allows you to tap into the more sensitive, nurturing aspects of your inner self. Individuals born under a Cancer sun tend to be, according to AstroStyle, "Helpful, patient, compassionate, nurturing, romantic, and creative," among other things. But, during the season you will likely feel these parts of your personality shine through regardless of when you were born. You might be asking: "How long is Cancer season?" The time of the crab is in full swing until July 22, 2018, so grab a box of tissues and come out of your shell.

While Cancers have countless redeeming qualities, it should also be noted they have a tendency to be somewhat sensitive. Where their creativity and compassion is seemingly endless, Cancers are sometimes shy folk whose social interactions may be perceived as clique-y and isolated. Their sensitivity can become hyper-focused in crowds, so to avoid getting hurt they will keep to themselves. This may be misinterpreted as hostility, but try to keep in mind your friend's perceived crabbiness may just be their inner Cancer crab retreating into its emotional shell.

In fact, the crab is a perfect symbol for a Cancer. They have a hard-to-crack exterior that conceals their inner softness and vulnerability.

Cancer's ruling planet is the moon. It is a water sign, like Pisces and Scorpio. These signs are some of the most multilayered and complex, with their highs as boundless as the sky and their lows as deep as Mariana's Trench (fitting, seeing as their element is water). Astrostyle describes the character of a water sign saying, they "can be refreshing, or they can drown you in their depths." Their dreams (both while asleep and during the day) are vivid, and their intuition is strong. With this in mind, one of the best things you can do during Cancer season is listen to your heart and follow your gut. If you feel as though you need some more guidance than usual, you are not alone. As AstroStyle puts it, water needs a container or else it evaporates.

If you feel more inclined to stay in than you did during Gemini season, it is to be expected. Gemini season brings out the vivacious, intriguing aspects of your personality. Its effects are basically the antithesis of the effects Cancer season has on your inner self. While the transition of May into June filled you with lightning, Cancer is the calm after the storm. If you partied it up in the spring and felt energized by the company of others during Gemini season, there is a good chance crowds will make you feel far more drained than usual now.

It is an interesting coincidence how Cancer season coincides with the start of arguably the most lively season. While you may have hoped to hit the ground running for the start of summer, the stars may have weakened —dampened, rather — your stride. Perhaps rather than pulling all-nighters after days of activity in the sun, allow yourself to ease into the season. Approach it like you would entering the surf: carefully, cautiously, and without haste.

Between now and the end of July, your best course of acton for dealing with Cancer season would be to embrace the softer side of your self; allow the vulnerability you tend to keep concealed to shine through. Talk about your feelings with someone you trust. No matter what season it may be, people should make an effort to speak about and actively listen to each other's feelings, rather than dismissing them as overly sensitive. Good for you, Cancers — maybe your outlook will begin a trend.