Dunkin’ Donuts Now Has Almond Joy Hot Chocolate, And I’m Going To Give Them All My Money

by Brittany Bennett

Once the cool air hits, the hot beverage competition gets stiff. Lattés become laced with our favorite fall spices and cappuccinos fuse with pumpkin pies to create a drink so overwhelmingly seasonal you could weep. You need to know that Dunkin' Donuts just threw their autumn-specific drink in the ring with a new candy bar-flavored hot chocolate, and yes, I'm already emptying my wallet to throw all my money at them. But just as seasons are fleeting, so is this drink. So, you might be wondering how long is the Dunkin' Donuts Almond Joy Hot Chocolate available for, and I have what you need to know about the coffee chain's fall menu. So slip into your athleisure, because you're about to sprint out the door and to the nearest location.

The second that the autumn equinox strikes, you can almost hear the iced drink blenders power down and the kettles reviving from their summer slumber. It's most notably an exciting time for lattes to identify themselves as pumpkin spice. That's why this Dunkin' Donuts Almond Joy Hot Chocolate release has me jumping in crunchy leaf piles of ... joy. For people like me who don't gulp down a large coffee every morning, you think you'd have to wait until the first thick coating of snow to relish in the warm flavors provided by hot chocolate. Think again, decaffeinated friends. Now you too can cradle fall in a warm cup between your chilly hands.

This twist on the classic Hot Chocolate pours the best of trick or treating into your cup. It's just as if an entire Almond Joy bar has melted directly into your glass. It's safe to say that this new beverage tastes like the best part of fall. That being Halloween. And even if you're not out collecting candy in your pillowcase or with a crew of superheroes or even at home waiting to distribute candy to all the Wonder Women on the block, you still understand the excitement of a chocolate bar during the month of October. Melting it into a coconut, almond, and chocolate fusion becomes liquid gold. One slurp and you'll wonder if you should dish out sample cups for Halloween this year.

The miraculous candy bar drink of our dreams just rolled into stores in time for trick or treating season, and while its limited run's end date is unclear, this official statement from Dunkin Donuts makes it seem that we'll get to enjoy the drink beyond Oct. 31. Because they obviously understand the greatness to leftover Halloween candy.

Accompanying the Almond Joy Hot Chocolate is a myriad of just released fall and Halloween-flavored donuts featured for a short time on Dunkin' Donut's newly revived fall menu. Sip on your favorite warm beverage while munching on a Vampire's Delight, also known as a classic jelly donut to us mere mortals. Other Halloween specific donut flavors include, the Owl Fashioned, Scary Strawberry, and the Witch's Brew Berry featuring Dunkin's Glazed Blueberry Donut with drizzles of purple icing. One bite of any of their new flavors will surely cast a spell over your tastebuds.

And if you're in the camp of wanting summer to last forever, you're in luck here. Enjoy the best of both seasons with an Iced Almond Joy Hot Chocolate. On those fall days that are somehow still packed with humidity and heat, this is the drink to keep you focused on and believing in the season of hay rides ahead.

Even though we aren't exactly sure when this new delight will stop bringing joy to our daily morning Dunkin' runs, I do know that this is the morning, afternoon and even dessert hot beverage I need right now. See you in line!