How Many Children Does Trump Jr. Have? He & Vanessa Have A Big Family

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It's no secret that President Donald Trump has a big family, what with his five children between his three wives. And one of his children in particular has already equalled that mark ― if you've ever wondered how many children Donald Trump Jr. has, it's more than you might have assumed.

Don Jr. married Vanessa Trump ― originally Vanessa Haydon ― back in 2005, after a couple years of dating. Just a year later, their first child was born, a baby daughter named Kai Madison Trump. In the years that followed, Kai was joined by one sister and three brothers ― Chloe Sophia Trump, Tristan Milos Trump, Donald John Trump III, and Spencer Frederick Trump III.

That makes five children in all, the same number of kids that the president himself has had ― although only one of them, 11-year-old Barron, is still a child. Out of all the president's adult children, Don Jr. has the most kids of his own at this point in his life; his sister Ivanka has three kids with her husband Jared Kushner, and his brother Eric has one with his wife Lara. His youngest sister, Tiffany, does not have any children.

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All of Don Jr. and Vanessa Trump's children were born between the years 2006 and 2014, which amounts to five kids in just eight years. While children are generally (and rightly) an off-limits subject of conversation in politics, especially for criticism, one of Don Jr.'s sons did end up making some lighter headlines last year.

Specifically, Tristan, who at five years old broke his leg while skiing in Aspen, Colorado last May. Following the accident, Don Jr. posted a photo on Instagram showing Vanessa soothing him as he recovered from the broken bone. In the accompanying caption, Don Jr. noted that he was still in Florida taking care of their other four children, and from the sounds of things he found it somewhat daunting.

"Momma and T-man cuddling while he recovers from his broken leg. I have the other 4 kids in FL for their spring break, and let's just say me with 4 kids makes me appreciate Vanessa and how hard her job is so much more," Don Jr. wrote. "They're super cute but it's serious work. I need a vacation from the vacation!"

Altogether, the president has five children, and a whopping nine grandchildren, a pretty large family by most people's standards. For some perspective, with five kids, Don Jr. and Vanessa have enough kids to field their own basketball team, although they wouldn't have anyone on the bench.

It remains to be seen whether the couple will have any more children, of course, although with such a big family already, there's probably not much pressure for them to do so. Both Don Jr. and Vanessa are 40 years old, and they've been married for the past 13 years.

They were reportedly introduced to one another at a fashion show back in 2003, by no less than President Trump himself, then still a real estate mogul and reality TV host. In fact, according to The New York Times, Trump inadvertnently introduced the two twice in the same night, seemingly having forgotten he'd already done so during the show's intermission.

It wasn't until the two met at a party weeks later ― notably absent the elder Trump's involvement, and reportedly introduced to one another for a third time by a mutual friend ― that they recognized each other, started talking, and actually began a relationship. Now, a relatively quick 15 years later, they're married with five kids, and are members of the first family of the United States.