'Genius' Aims To Tell Einstein's Full Story
by Caroline Gerdes
National Geographic/Dusan Martincek

National Geographic's anthology series Genius, chronicling the life of Albert Einstein, premiered on Tuesday, April 25. The series stars some heavy hitters in the role of Einstein, with Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush playing older Einstein and Lovesick's Johnny Flynn portraying the young scientist. With impressive credits and an impressive figure as source material, viewers may be wondering how much of Einstein's life will be shown. How many episodes of Genius will there be?

According to National Geographic, Genius will be 10 episodes in length. The series is executive produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard and is based on Walter Isaacson’s critically acclaimed book, Einstein: His Life and Universe. The biographical series will follow the ups and downs of Einstein's personal and professional life — and depict the development of his general theory of relativity.

Considering the all star cast and crew, audiences are expecting an accurate and compelling look at one of the world's greatest minds. When watching teasers and promos for the series, Flynn and Rush appear to be dedicated to a dignified portrayal of the character. Though Genius is working to capture Einstein in a new light, Flynn and Rush are certainly not the first actors to portray Einstein on screen. IMDB.com has a list of more than 150 portrayals of Albert Einstein. In honor of National Geographic's Genius, let's look back at some of the other memorable portrayals of Einstein on screen — from the scientific to the bizarre.


Walter Matthau played Einstein in the 1994 romantic comedy I.Q., where he plays matchmaker for his niece, Meg Ryan, and a mechanic, Tim Robbins.

'Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian'

Eugene Levy voices the Einstein Bobbleheads in the Night At The Museum sequel.

'Marie Curie'

Piotr Glowacki played Einstein in this 2016 German film.

'Another Period'

Matt Gourley played Einstein on the comedy series.

'Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey'

John Ehrin played Einstein in the sequel to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

'Einstein's Big Idea'

This 2005 Nova special starring Aidan McArdle as Einstein dramatized his story.

Kid's Shows

When reviewing the IMDB list, Einstein appearances were listed on several children's shows like Hannah Montana, Zoey 101, Phil Of The Future, iCarly, and more. We really want kids to know who Einstein is ...


From Cosmos to numerous documentaries, the IMDB page is peppered with reenactment credits. How will Einstein stack up to its competition? You'll have to watch to find out.