'Legion' Has So Much More Story To Tell

by Andrea Towers
Michelle Faye/FX

It seems like the television world is filled with superhero shows lately, on every network, from ABC to NBC to The CW and even Netflix. Legion, FX's entry into the superhero game, has already established itself as a different type of superhero show, down to its much darker tone and Noah Hawley's psychedelic world. How many episodes will Legion air?

As announced by Marvel, FX will air eight episodes of the show based in the X-Men world for the first season. This is pretty much in line with similar shows that air on the network, like the heavily dramatic Taboo. It also makes sense for a show like Legion, which deals with some pretty dark stuff. Every episode is usually intense and filled with a lot of exposition and background, so having a short run of episodes makes it easier to handle, whether you're marathoning or watching live.

Right now, Legion has already aired three episodes, which means that after this week's episode airs, we'll be halfway through the season. There's still a lot to explore about David and Syd and, of course, David's past — something that keeps getting more and more complicated. We don't know exactly what's to come on Legion, but here's what we may be able to expect from the remaining five episodes.

More Flashbacks

The show is already beginning to take us deep into David's past. And we've barely scratched the surface of the mysteries that surround his life, so yeah. You can bet we'll be seeing more.

The Mystery Of The Interrogator

I just feel like there's so much more we need to see or learn about from The Interrogator. In fact, I refuse to believe we've seen the last of him. And will he always be anonymous? I feel like there's definitely a bigger role down the line for his character.

Syd's Real Secret?

We know that David isn't exactly the most reliable narrator, given that half of the things he experiences are hallucinations. And Syd says she's real, and I trust her... but is she?

More Mutants On The Run

This is the theme of the show (I mean, isn't it always in the X-Men world?) But given that a large part of the show seems to be about powered superheroes escaping and running away, I bet we'll be seeing even more of that before the end of the season.

Whatever happens at the end of the season, I can't wait to see how Legion handles all its crazy storytelling.