Mercury Retrograde Could Have A Major Effect On Your Sex Life — Especially If You're One Of These 2 Signs

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Astrology's most notorious planet, Mercury, is stationed to turn retrograde for the second time this year from Jul. 7 to Jul. 31. This regular retrograde famously affects technology and communication. But e-meetings aren't the only things interrupted. Affects can seep into your love and consensual sex life. While you're doing that emergency pre-Mercury retrograde computer backup you might also want to know how summer 2019's Mercury retrograde will affect your sex life. Because sex goes ~hand-in-hand~ with communication.

The term "retrograde" might induce a minor panic leading to an emergency computer backup. Astrologers caution us to triple check e-mails before pressing send and saving our work as we go. Mercury's three week transit tends to interrupt technology with obnoxious mishaps. But since we date online, Mercury's retrograde may meddle in love and our sex lives. You might accidentally swipe left on your soulmate or a babe you want to hook up with. While they may be forever lost to the pixels, others won't be. When it comes to sex during Mercury retrograde, focus on how you communicate what you want to yourself and your partner(s). Especially when it comes to ~desire~.

"Mercury retrograde offers us all a chance to mix up our sexual desires," New York City based astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Bustle. Mercury's retrograde isn't going to plague all zodiac signs with mediocre sex due to its usual mishaps with miscommunications. "Each sign can elevate their sexually consensual lifestyle during the retrograde," Stardust says. Just be clear with yourself and your partner about what you want and watch out for those pesky sexting typos.


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Pillow talk, anyone? Aries may favor spooning over engaging in foreplay during this retrograde period. "It’s been a long time since you were held by another. This retrograde, you’re in the mood to cuddle more than anything," Stardust notes. Retrograde periods bring up the past and the Ram may be more in the mood for reminiscing and nose-to-nose pillow talk.


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Take your time when it comes to expressing your desires. And don't feel the need to rush into anything kinky during this retrograde transit just because. Stardust says, "You’re feeling extra shy about expressing your fetishes during the retrograde." That's okay! Spend time figuring out how to articulate what it is that gets you off. The hottest sex is when you can eloquently express what you like and how you like it to a partner who hears you and delivers. Enjoy the process of putting your erotic thoughts into words — into action.


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"You’re taking control of your erotic whims, which is escalating your desire to vocalize your sensual sentiments," Stardust says. Mercury retrograde is a time to slow down. Geminis move quickly in the bedroom. With your knack for communication, your partner knows when you want it that way and then this way and then that way again. But during this retrograde you may want to slow down and relish in the sweet, sensual moments.


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Stardust advises you to make sure you set "boundaries" and use "safe words" when it comes to sex during Mercury's three-week transit. It's crucial to be clear when something adventurous is becoming uncomfortable. Before engaging in anything new during this retrograde, make sure that you and your partner are on the same page.


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Sex might not be on the mind at all, Leo. You might even experience some sexual frustration. Beware of impulsive behaviors and instead occupy your mind with crossword puzzles. "You’re hiding your desires at this moment, as you’re not feeling the full on lustful emotions of the retrograde," Stardust says. We all go through it, Leo. Take this time to pick up a new hobby or revisit an old project outside the bedroom and off the dating apps.


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During Mercury retrograde Astrology King cautions that "other people may be unreliable or dishonest." Which is a bummer if you were hoping that hottie you matched with wouldn't cancel your date. Shrug it off and go with the flow, Virgo. Sometimes sex doesn't need to involve a second party. Stardust says, "You’re discovering your inner passions now, which will lead you to your sexual self-discovery." Focus on yourself.


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Energized, much? The balancing act is kind of your thing, Libra and your sex life won't slow down with the rest of the zodiac during Mercury's retrograde. "You’re in the mood to be adventurous, even trying out public places for a quickie," Stardust says. But because this is Mercury's retrograde we're talking about, make sure your adventurous sex isn't accidentally broadcasted to your Instagram stories if you decide to film yourselves.


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Scorpios are in tune with their sexuality and there may be no plans to slow down upon Mercury's retrograde. However, "be forewarned of miscommunications and typos," Stardust says when it comes to sexting. You're a regular romance novelist when it comes to scripting saucy texts. Just make sure you're sending that eggplant emoji to the right recipient.


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"You’re in the mood to be submissive, which is a switch from the dominant role you play in the bedroom," Stardust says. Though you typically take the lead when it comes to adventuring, Mercury retrograde is asking you to explore a different role. Not being in charge of every move can not only be relieving but actually pretty hot. Why don't you be taken on an adventure?


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Capricorn, everyone thinks you're all work and no play. But you know you're about that play too. "Experimenting with BDSM or your secret fetish will make you feel more alive and stronger than ever," says Stardust. Step away from the desk and clock into the bedroom to revamp yourself.


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Use your spontaneous and innovative nature to get your freak on during this summer's Mercury retrograde. "Fantasy role playing with your partner may prove to be extra saucy during this retrograde," Stardust explains. Mercury retrograde isn't the right time to make any big decisions, especially around your career. If you're between jobs or thinking about switching careers, take that energy to the bedroom. Be a doctor, a firefighter, a teacher and a librarian. Try all jobs on for size and when Mercury turns direct you might have an idea what excites you the most.


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Mercury retrograde may be making your dating apps glitch and setting your plans awry. Don't wait for someone else to have sex. "Be the captain of your domain and integrate new masturbatory techniques in your repertoire," Stardust says. Glitches will get fixed but while those kinks are being worked out, work out your own on your own.