The Reason Everyone Is Talking About ColourPop's New Makeup Brushes Might Surprise You

In case you blinked and missed it, this indie brand is at it again. According to Instagram, ColourPop created the brush set that all of their fans have been waiting for. The beauty world is going crazy with buzz about the new products, but not for the reason that you might think. People are having some back and forth about the price of the brushes, but true fans are shutting down the haters very quickly.

ColourPop is on a roll lately. On top of creating (and completely selling out) their Crushed Crystal Collection, creating concealers, and announcing single compact highlighters and contours, the brand announced on Instagram that a full brush collection is coming. Think: everything from eye and face tools that you could possibly need. Yes, that means a fan brush too.

As far as the prices go, people are a little concerned. According to ColourPop's Instagram, each tool will be sold separately and range from $5 to $11. Some people are saying that that's a little too expensive for them, seeing as the entire brush set would be $86. The brand has yet to say if there will be a bundle option, but Bustle reached out for comment.

Besides the palette and bundles, all of ColourPop's single products are $5 to $6 each, so I can see why people are caught off guard. But, as true ColourPop fans have pointed out in social media, these are a heck of a lot cheaper than other brushes on the market.

The brand also teased a bright pink brush case on their Instagram just days before the official announcement. That could mean that a bundled set is coming as well. While there has been no date announced for that product, all 12 brushes will be available on the ColourPop website on July 27.

The launch might have mixed reviews, but that doesn't mean that people are any less excited. Here's what fans are saying about the launch, so you can decide for yourself if you're going to shop or not.

No matter what happens, people will spend the money.

The excitement is real.

I'm just going to set this right here.

The emojis say it all.

Take it all!

I guess that settles that.


There's a good chance that these will sell out as soon as they launch, so you better decide soon!