How Much Are Estée Lauder's Pure Color Love Lipsticks? There's A Shade For Everyone In This Line

Gotta say, I love it when a new lipstick comes for us in the dead of night. Metaphorically, that's what Estée Lauder's pulled with their new Pure Color Love lipstick line, a hairpin turn from the brands teasing new products for approximately ever. A twist! And with 30 shades of the Pure Color Loves, four finishes and a very intriguing "cooled chrome" concept, I'm here for it.

Harness your surprise, because the line is millennial-friendly from top to bottom, with a Kendall-fronted video and full-spectrum shade range (and a unicorn color, all a millennial needs). Best of all, if you're wondering "how much are Estée Lauder's Pure Color Love Lipsticks," I'd put it squarely at "not that bad." Exclusive to Ulta and the EL website, each Pure Color Love lipstick goes for $22, a $10 slash from their Pure Color Envy range. Praise hands for that, and for the sheer breadth of intriguingly sharp-edged, multifaceted colors.

The brand clearly got the options memo, with every color cluster covered, from standard pinks and nudes, to reds and berries, to some all out beautiful, unusual purples and blues. Overall, we're looking at four finishes, what the brand describes as "ultra mattes, shimmer pearls, cool chromes and edgy cremes."

Estée Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick in Moon Rock, $22,

Where the colors fall within those categories is a mix, outside of the "cooled chromes" category, which spotlights gorgeously metallic, foiled colors of *darkness.* Moon Rock, above, is pure unicorn land.

Estée Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick in Nova Noir, $22,

Aw yeah, love some unabashed Insta bait. Where Moon Rock is a shot of indigo, Nova Noir pulls for purple lovers (poetic sidebar: those sparkles look like ~stars in the night sky~, if that's not insufferable to say).

Estée Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick in Pocket Venus, $22,

Added bonus that they're beautiful, as are the more traditional options.


With the line's new promo video featuring Kendall Jenner and Elle King in a "Freaky Friday"-esque body switch, it's looking like the brand tailor made this line for the youths.

Generally not into pandering, but when they nail it to a T, it's hard to resist. Also, by the video it seems like Jenner doesn't have a great voice?? It's enough to make pulling off a PVC newsboy cap relatable. Kind of.

Images: Courtesy of Brand