Jaclyn Hill's Nude Lipsticks Are FINALLY Here & They Won't Break The Bank

Courtesy of Jaclyn Cosmetics

A big day has arrived for the beauty community. Jaclyn Hill's Jaclyn Cosmetics So Rich nude lipsticks are dropping on May 30 at noon ET/9 a.m. PT. The collection marks the brand's long-awaited debut and fans are so ready for it. Beloved beauty influencer Jaclyn Hill is kicking things off with 20 different shades of nude lipstick. One shade certainly doesn't suit all when it comes to nude tones. Therefore, Hill created nearly two dozen options in hopes of offering something for everyone. The buttery lippies will be sold directly via the Jaclyn Cosmetics website, and there are several buying options that will suit your budget.

Single shades cost $18 per tube, but there are four curated trios available for purchase. There's Nude Mood, featuring the lightest shades. The Nude Moment trio boasts the pink and mauve tones, while the Nude Tease set leans beige. Lastly, the Magni-Nude trio includes the darkest shades. The mini kits are priced at $49 each, so you'll enjoy $5 in savings.

If you have fallen in love with every shade in the creamy collection and simply have to have them all, you can buy the complete bundle. The entire 20-piece Power Nude Collection is priced at $295, which averages out to $14.75 per tube. Ultimately, you end up saving $65 when purchasing the bundle. It's an excellent overall deal because you can layer any of the shades and show off unique lip looks on the regular.

Courtesy of Jaclyn Cosmetics

The So Rich lippies will add an extra dose of glamour into your daily makeup routine. They are housed in geometric silver cases that mimic diamonds. They are also cruelty-free and vegan for those of you who are passionate about animal sympathies. The luxurious and, well, "so rich" formula contains mega hydrating ingredients like Murumuru Butter, Cupuaçu butter, Avocado Oil, and Sunflower Seed Oil. The lipsticks will look and feel luxurious as you glide the bullet across your pout.

Courtesy of Jaclyn Cosmetics

While Jaclyn Cosmetics is all about lipsticks upon launch, this is just the tip of the makeup iceberg for Hill. The beauty guru has plans for an even wider array of products in the future. Hill confirmed that news in the announcement video, saying, "Hang on tight, guys, because there's a lot coming... I am not going to be a one-hit wonder." She also coyly shared that she was wearing lab samples of future products on her face while filming the clip.

If you are one of the millions of Hillsters interested in other products beyond nude lipstick, just be patient. Hill has your back. She even stated in the reveal video that she envisions Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics as "a core brand where you can go to for your products that you need and you can't live without."

Through her energetic tutorials and first-hand experience as a makeup artist, Hill has steadily built up trust with her loyal fanbase. She has now reached a makeup milestone with Jaclyn Cosmetics and the So Rich lipsticks.