Copper Spice & Bronzed Mocha Sets Are Affordable

Get those wallets ready, people! Morphe is launching two gorgeous palettes that you won't want to miss out on. I'm talking 25 shades of cool or warm toned bliss. Because the holiday excitement doesn't have to end here. How much are Morphe's Copper Spice and Bronzed Mocha Palettes? They're so affordable that you can easily add both to your makeup collection.

When Morphe launches something you, it's pretty much assumed that it's going to be affordable. They have an entire line of brushes that are as go as low as $2.99, and their palettes are just as great price-wise. This time is no different. Brace yourself, because the price of these palettes will blow you away.

According to their Instagram post, Morphe's Copper Spice and Bronzed Mocha Palettes are $17.99 each.

You can also buy them as a pair for $33.98, which saves you about $3. Even if you buy them separately though, both palettes together will only set you back $36. Consider it this way, both of them together costs less than some other palettes out there. You'll get 25 shades for less than $20, which turns out to $1.25 per shade. How incredible is that! If all of that doesn't get you excited, then maybe these gorgeous photos of the palettes will.

As if the price wasn't already enough, you don't have to wait much longer to snag yours either. According to the Instagram post, the Copper Spice and Bronze Mocha Palettes come out on Dec. 26 at 1pm EST. How's that for a post-holiday pick-me-up!

The only downfall is that these two stunning sets are limited edition. It's not clear whether that means that this will be the first and only sale or if they'll be restocked a few times. It looks like these will be super popular, so you should probably shop when you can.

Mark those calendars, because this is one launch that you won't want to miss!

Images: morphebrushes/Instagram (1)