Old Navy Made Jeans For Winter That Feel Like Fleece On The Inside

Winter can be miserable for your personal style. While your clothes may be cute and fashionable, they might not always be as functional or keep you as warm as you would like. Old Navy's Built-In Warm Jeans (available sizes include 0 to 30, along with petite, regular, and tall options) offer a solution for this long-running, cold weather fashion conundrum. This new and updated version of the brand's popular, affordable, and trendy denim is cozy AF.

These quintessential winter jeans will eliminate the need — or desire — to layer fleece leggings underneath. Fleece-leggings-under-jeans can be uncomfortable, too snug, or too thick. They also result in bulkiness, create lines, disrupt a smooth look, and can perhaps be too warm — ultimately defeating the purpose.

Here's how this innovative Old Navy technology works. The jeans are not lined with fleece nor do they add another fabric layer. Rather, the inside of the denim is brushed back. This unique technique creates a fleece-like feel — minus the bulk.

Ultimately, you get all of the warmth without any of the leg layers.

Sure, layering tees, tanks, and hoodies or scarves or jackets is a super stylish cold weather fashion "do." But it doesn't often translate with pants.

Courtesy of Old Navy

Therefore, you can consider your cold weather casual fashion problems effectively solved. Since Old Navy is known for its fleece tops, fleece-feel jeans make sense.

Courtesy of Old Navy

It sucks when your cute jeans leave you chilled to the bone. While you likely add wooly and warm socks to your OOTD to keep your feet and calves toasty inside your boots, you are often left with cold legs. These jeans are like an internal leg warming system.

Courtesy of Old Navy

The warm jeans are affordable. They start at just $39.99 and are available in a variety of washes and styles, as well as sizes.

Courtesy of Old Navy

Wear the Built-In Warm Jeans while cruising the pumpkin patch for decor or carving purposes, while picking out your Christmas tree, while holiday shopping at an outdoor bazaar, while attending your fave high schooler's Friday night football games, and essentially any other outside activities you enjoy doing while rocking jeans.

Courtesy of Old Navy

You don't have to worry about freezing your butt off. Old Navy's warm jeans have you covered — quite literally.

1. Mid-Rise Built-In Warm Rockstar Super Skinny Step-Hem Jeans

2. Mid-Rise Built-In Warm Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans

3. Mid-Rise Built-In Warm Raw-Edge Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans

4. High-Rise Built-In Warm Rockstar Super Skinny Plus-Size Jeans

5. High-Rise Secret-Slim Pockets + Waistband Built-In Warm Rockstar Super Skinny Plus-Size Jeans

6. High-Rise Built-In Warm Rockstar Super Skinny Plus-Size Jeans

Here's a warm wardrobe rotation welcome for the Old Navy Built-In Warm Jeans.