Benefit's Best Selling Bronzers & Blushes Are Now Half The Price In This Sweet Set

Certain brands are known for certain products. Whether it's Anastasia Beverly Hills and their highlighters or Tarte and their Shape Tape Concealer, there's a must-have from practically every brand. Now, Benefit Cosmetics' new mini cheek set is bringing you some of their favorite bronzers and blushes for a price that's a complete beauty steal.

Benefit may just be the reigning monarch of cult favorite products. From their brow products to their iconic Hoola bronzer, there are several products from the brand that beauty junkies can't live without. Perhaps that's why the brand chose to make the most adorable set of mini cheek products perfect for fans of the brand and newcomers to their products as well.

According to a post from the beauty Instagram account Trendmood, Benefit launched their The Blush Bunch Bronzer and Blush Set which features a whopping six of their most well-known cheek products. Hoola, Hoola Lite, Goldrush, Galifornia, Rockateur, and Dandelion are all included in the set, and as if it couldn't get any better, these minis are absolutely adorable.

The best news about the Blush Bunch, though, may be the price. With six cheek products, you'd expect this set to be costly. Nope, not these babies. All six will cost you only $24. You totally want to go shopping now, don't you?

The Blush Bunch Bronzer and Blush Set, $24, Ulta

If you're curious about the size, the minis contain 0.1oz of product. It's quite the difference between the full size products which features 0.28oz of product. The minis are less than half the amount in full size products. However, keep the price in mind. Once you divide the small sizes up, they retail for only $4 each! Given that a regular Hoola will run you nearly $30, these beauties are still a total steal. Plus, hello to the mix and match possibilites.

The Blush Bunch Bronzer and Blush Set, $24, Ulta

The other exciting thing about these fun size products? They have new packaging. The full size and mini size cheek products have been in a hard, cardboard box with a flip-up top featuring a magnet closure for quite some time. These new products, however, appear to be in classic compact form. Could it be a sign of new packaging to come for the larger sizes? There's no way to tell, but it is proof that Benefit could switch things up if fans wanted.

For new Benefit Cosmetics users, the set of six cheek products is the perfect way to be introduced to the brand's cult classics. Hoola has long been heralded as a staple bronzer for a multitude of skin tones (though calls have been made to create darker shades), and Galifornia features a stunning shimmer perfect for those who want a little extra glow in their looks. At just $24, the fun sizes are a much more affordable way to experiment with Benefit's cheek products.

If you want to shop the minis, don't head to Sephora or Benefit's website. The set of six is exclusive to Ulta Beauty, and honestly, that's kind of fantastic. If you are a frequent shopper of the retailer, then you've probably got some Ultamate Rewards points to redeem, and you may be able to score the cheek products for ever cheaper than its $24 price tag.

Whether you're a loyal user of Benefit Cosmetics products or you're new to the brand, the Blush Bunch Bronzer and Blush Set is the perfect way to stock up on some of the brands best known complexion products. At $24, they're definitely a total beauty steal. Head over to the Ulta Beauty site now to get your hands on these adorable, mini beauties.