Clarisonic Created The Makeup Brush You Never Knew You Needed

by Kali Borovic

Forget everything you knew about Clarisonic, because the brand isn't just about skincare anymore. Crossing into the beauty world in a big way, Clarisonic created a makeup brush. Yes, you read that right. The attachment clicks onto your existing beauty tool, so you can go from makeup to skincare with ease. How much is Clarisonic's Sonic Foundation Brush, you ask? Once you see how much this tool does, the price will make a lot of sense.

It's safe to say that I did not see this launch coming. Clarisonic caught their customers completely by surprise with their Sonic Foundation Brush social media announcement. According to the Instagram post, fans have been asking the brand to create a makeup brush attachment for a while now, so the brand gave them what they wanted. The little round brush pops onto the head of all Clarisonic devices and works for everything from foundation to contour, according to the product description.

Sonic Foundation Brush, $35, Clarisonic

Although you can't buy the Sonic Foundation Brush in-stores just yet, you are able to order one on the Clarisonic website. The pre-sale price is $35, which is about the same price as a high-end makeup brush. Then again, this one does a whole lot more than just apply foundation.

Sonic Foundation Brush, $35, Clarisonic

According to the website, the device will apply liquid of stick foundation in less than a minute and give an airbrushed look. On top of that, the website says that it also works with BB cream, concealer, color correcting primer, liquid highlight and contour products as well. I haven't tried the product, but if all of that is true, I'd say it's well worth the $35.

Of course, you'll also have to buy a Clarisonic device. The Sonic Foundation Brush works with all of the currently available devices — so if you have one already, this looks like the buy for you. If not, you have a whole lot more spending to do.

Sonic Foundation Brush, $35, Clarisonic

There are tons of spring launches coming out, but this is definitely one to look out for. Like I said before, the Sonic Foundation Brushes is available for pre-sale right now. The official launch date is on Mar. 30, but there's no telling how fast these will sell out.