GlamGlow Just Increased The Size Of GravityMud

by Rachel Nussbaum

Here's some good news: your fave GlamGlow mask just became an even better value. In the spotlight recently for their collab with Sonic the Hedgehog (what a sentence) the brand is beloved for innovative, exceptional formulas. And as with many top shelf things (re: both placement and quality), that means they can sometimes cost triple dollar signs. But GlamGlow just increased the size of the GRAVITYMUD jars, meaning you get even more of your go-to goo for just as much cash.

I personally have a soft spot for their SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment, but GRAVITYMUD is one of the brand's most distinctive players. A metallic robo-esque silver (or hedgehog-esque blue, in the case of the Sonic edition) it's the peel-off mask featured in a million and one Instagrams, and currently sold out on And with good reason — reviews cite the treatment's firming, tightening and smoothing qualities (the fact that it's fun goes without saying, but is also said). But if you were patiently biding your time for a restock, here's some good news.

As of now, GRAVITYMUD is sold in a new, larger 1.7oz jar on, which an upgrade from the previous 1.4oz size. Gloriously, there's no accompanying uptick in price.

The new price breaks down to $40.59 per ounce, in comparison to the former $49.29 per ounce.


Which isn't cheap — but worth it for the 'gram, for the skin, for the robo-feel relief at the end of a long day.

GLAMGLOW GRAVITYMUD™ Firming Treatment Sonic Blue, $69,

There's no word yet whether the size increase will stick to just the brand's website or broaden to include Sephora stock, but fingers crossed. The Sonic iteration is limited edition, though, so who knows. For GRAVITYMUD enthusiasts, good news regardless — people's reactions on the Instagram post range from "Dripping in GlamGlow," the dream life, to actually questioning "IS THIS THE REAL LIFE OR IS THIS A FANTASY?!" Rhapsodize away, this is reality.

Images: Courtesy of Brand