How Much Is Glossier's Clear Boy Brow? Grab Your Credit Card — PHOTOS

There's a new Glossier product on the market and it's an update to an existing product. So if you're a Glossier devotee — DO. NOT. PANIC. It's an addition, not a change. Glossier's Boy Brow in Clear is available as of Wednesday, Feb. 1. Woo hoo! Since Glossier fans are disciple-like in their devotion to the brand, thanks to its minimalist but effective skincare and makeup products, this is a welcome addition to an already stellar lineup!

Boy Brow is the brand's best-selling product and it's easy to understand why. It's a brow shaper, fluffer, and filler, complete with a mascara-like spoolie wand. I use it every morning and I can safely say, "No, I cannot live without Glossier's Boy Brow." It's that good.

The brush combs hairs into place, conditions them, and adds just a perfectly measured pop of color in sparse areas. It truly tames brows, all the while keeping them looking natural. Previously, this perfect grooming tool was available in blond, black, and brown.

But for those cases in which you just need some polish without pigment, the Clear version of Boy Brow will be your BFF. How much is the new Clear Boy Brow by Glossier?

It'll set you back by $16. It's a miracle in a tube.

The black version keeps my brows sleek especially when I am in-between threading sessions. I literally scrape every drop out of the tube and the result is naturally sleek brows. Since I am personally not a fan of the dramatic and overly sculpted Instagram brow, I love that Boy Brow shapes softly and without stiffness.

Pay attention, because this is something maj important to know. The Clear version of Boy Brow applies white. It quickly dries to a clear finish, so don’t freak out or wipe it off.

The Clear Glossier Boy Brow is available at, which is the brand's sole sales platform.

Happy shopping. Don’t delay. This could sell out quick.

Welcome to the Boy Brow fam, Clear!

Images: Courtesy of Glossier (6)