This Is How Much Jenn Im's New Clothing Line Will Cost You

by Eliza Florendo

Beloved YouTube vlogger Jenn Im's new clothing line has been making waves for '90s and streetwear lovers, thanks to its playful, yet practical pieces. Luckily for shoppers, Jenn Im's Eggie line's price point is really affordable, giving you quality, trendy pieces on a reasonable budget. And what's better than that?

On Aug. 22, Im's clothing line launched, and fans got a glimpse of her gorgeous new collection, crop tops, pants, slip dresses, and fun jackets included. Called the "one stop shop for every occasion" on the website, Im's line is every trendy shopper's dream destination. Whether you're headed to a party or even to casual Fridays, there's something perfect for you in this line.

Im, a prolific YouTube fashion blogger, has made quite a fan base with her ClothesEncounters series, where she posts videos about styling, back to school ideas, thrifting, beauty, and more. And, with 1.5 million followers on Instagram, it's safe to say she's got an influence in the style world.

Eggie, a collection with several gender-neutral pieces, has a price range of $25 to $79, making it more than affordable for style enthusiasts in high school, college, and beyond. Plus, she's got so many good staples that even one or two pieces can liven up your wardrobe.

Watch a video of Eggie's lookbook, below.

"This line reflect my own personal wardrobe and is designed for today's customer who loves to reinvent their look and doesn't want to be labelled or boxed into one style," Im wrote on her website.

A quick glance through her graphic prints, crop tops, and culotte-style pants, and you'll see why her collection has garnered so much positive attention from bloggers and general fashion lovers alike.

"People can express themselves through Eggie, and experiment with styles that effortlessly transform themselves from polished to punk," she wrote.

And that they can, especially since you can snag a piece for just $25.


Tracksuit Cropped Hoodie Pullover, $42,

Streetwear fans are going to love this one.


Tuxedo Blazer, $68,

This matching set is incredible.


Oversize Eggie L/S, $35,

So much yes to this look's vibe,


Fuzzy Baby T, $25,

Plus this skirt is perfection.


Truck Along Crop Jacket, $62,

Love a good shine.

Are you in love with the collection yet? Check out the rest of the items at, where you can learn more about the collection, Im's vision as a whole, and check out the lookbook.