Kim K's Newest Peach Fragrance Costs About 50 Times More Than An Actual Peach

Kylie Jenner might be a billionaire because of her beauty business, but it's her big sister that's the queen of fragrances. Kim Kardasian's Kimoji Perfume are emoji-themed, and it's all about the fruit this time. The fruit-shaped perfumes are slightly more affordable than previous launches, but don't expect this to cost you the same as produce though.

Every time Kardashian dreams up a perfume, the packaging gets a little quirkier. When she's not making bottles shaped like crystals or replicated after her naked body, she's creating Kimojis. The social media star picked her top three — the cherry, peach, and "vibes" icon — to create into perfume bottles.

Kardashian's Kimoji perfumes will hit the KKW Fragrance website on July 17 at 3pm EST. Although other bottles have been $60 each, you won't have to set quite as much money aside for this launch. According to the KKW Fragrance Instagram page, the Kimoji Perfumes will be $45 each.

You have three different options for your Kimoji Fragrance shopping pleasure. There's Kimoji Peach, which smells like peach, nectarine, and mandarin, Kimoji Vibes, which smells like bergamot, melon, and pineapple, and Kimoji Cherry, which smells like cherry, raspberry, and strawberry. All of them are the same size and super quirky.

These are the most affordable KKW Fragrances so far. Both the KKW Crystal Collection and the KKW Body perfumes were $60 each when they launched. This time, you can save some money and only shell out $45. That's still pretty pricey for a fragrance that you're not able to smell before you buy though.

Unless, of course, you live in Los Angeles, California. KKW Fragrance is having a pop-up shop at Westfield Century City from July 14 to the 17. That's the only way that you can smell the fragrances before you buy. That won't stop people from scooping these up though. Just like the previous launches, there's a good chance that these bottles will fly off the virtual shelves.

There is one other difference between this launch and the others — the size. While the other fragrances were 75 ML, the Kimoji Fragrances are only 50 ML. It's hard to tell at first glance that they are smaller than the previous ones. Part of that is because if the quirky bottles. Who knew that crystals could hold more product than a cherry. Only Kardashian.

Everything that Kardashian does is over the top, and this beauty launch is no different. The inspiration for the bottles came from Kardashian's Kimojis, which are, well, emojis that she created to look like her. When the virtual items first launched, they reached 5 million downloads at $1.99 each. So it only makes sense that the social media star would bring them to life.

Her other bottles of perfume for KKW Fragrance have been just as personal to her. The first KKW Fragrance was the Crystal Collection. According to numerous publications, Kardashian created the bottle after a friend gave her crystals to help her through the Paris.

Then came another ultra-personal bottle that was literally molded from her naked body. Kimojis are another personal product for her, because she made them herself. Although she didn't opt for her virtual look-a-likes to be made into a bottle, they are the stars of her Kimoji Fragrance campaign.

Get your $45 plus shipping ready, because these quirky items are going to fly off the virtual shelves. These KKW Fragrances are not branded as limited edition, but there's no telling how fast they will sell out or be restocked. Whether you're buying them for the smell or to have them sit on your makeup table, you don't have to tell.