This Snow White Accessories Line Is Made For Diehard Disney Fans

Courtesy Kipling

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which accessories collection is the cutest of them all? Why, it's The Snow White x Kipling accessories range, of course. The Disney princess-themed set, comprised of totes, wristlets, backpacks, and more in all shapes and sizes, has arrived and it's so incredibly adorable that you will want to carry every single piece. The collection celebrates the animated film's 80th anniversary and allows you to tote all of your valuables and to travel in enviable Snow White style. The range is a dream for both accessories lovers and Disney-philes.

The Snow White x Kipling collection color palette is lively, including bright red, rich black, gold, and white, along with magic mirror, poison apple, and Snow White prints and graphics. Clearly, the designs are a literal yet modern and trendy interpretation of the iconic imagery, the characters, and the enduring story.

Snow White x Kipling is available right now via the Kipling site, as well as in department stores where the brand is sold. Prices start at $29 and go up to $149.

If you are Snow White-obsessed, you are about to wave goodbye to your money, courtesy of these playful and holiday-ready pieces. However, don't despair if Snow White isn't your fave Disney princess. This isn't a "one and done" drop.

Courtesy of Kipling

There are more collabs in the works! The Snow White collection, which also features the Seven Dwarfs, is merely the first in a series of offerings from Disney and Kipling. Additional collections are expected in 2018 and 2019 and those will feature other princesses, classic characters, and more, according to the press materials received by Bustle.

Courtesy of Kipling

That said, the Snow White items will appeal to the Disney diehards as much as they will to the more casual fans.

Courtesy of Kipling

"Each collection showcases nostalgic Disney characters that play perfectly to the Kipling youthful design aesthetic," said lead designer Christine Lee in a press release, offering insight into the brand's approach. "It was fun to bring the story of Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Kipling together to honor the optimism and cheerfulness of Disney's first princess and her iconic friends."

Courtesy of Kipling

Every item in this collection is appropriate, rather than adolescent. You will add an eye-catching, Disney princess dose to any ensemble in your closet.

Here's a rundown of some of the key pieces. But be forewarned. It's going to be incredibly difficult to pick just one of these bags, all of which suit so many purposes and occasions.

Paola Velvet Small Backpack, $149, Kipling

Snow White x Kipling doesn't skimp on "secret" details, since this backpack features the "magic mirror" quote on the lining. As of press time, it's sold out! Boo! Hiss!

Courtesy of Kipling

Regardless of its status, let's revel in this delightful detail. If you hardcore relate to the story and its themes, this speaks volumes.

Courtesy of Kipling

Candied Red Paola Small Satin Backpack, $149, Kipling

There was no way apples wouldn't play a prominent role in the aesthetics of a Snow White collection.

Courtesy of Kipling

Hypnotic Apples Seoul Large Printed Laptop Backpack, $134, Kipling

The sturdy and practical construction of this bag, along with its compartments for things like water bottles, makes it primo for students on the go. But it's the apple print that adds such a whimsical touch.

Courtesy of Kipling

Red Mirror Keychain, $16, Kipling

When you need to do some quick touchups while away from the house, this glossy keychain x mirror hybrid will suit your needs. It also punches up your keyring with a little panache.

Courtesy of Kipling

Candied Red Sweetie Large Wristlet Pouch, $49, Kipling

This roomy and adorbs wristlet will keep essentials close at hand, all the while nodding to the famous song in the film.

Courtesy of Kipling

Black Sweetie Medium Wristlet Pouch, $39, Kipling

There are days when you can't tote your usual carryall and have to consolidate or swap it out in favor of something small. This pouch answers that call.

Courtesy of Kipling

Platinum Metallic Sweetie Small Wristlet Pouch, $29, Kipling

The Snow White Collection isn't merely about apples, mirrors, red lips, ebony hair, and fair skin. Those always-busy Seven Dwarfs also factor into the graphics.

Courtesy of Kipling

Candied Red Creativity XL Wristlet Pouch, $44, Kipling

If it's the villains you prefer, then this wristlet is "must own."

Courtesy of Kipling

Hypnotic Apples Alvar Printed Handbag, $94, Kipling

There are so many silhouettes in this range, including this super fun crossbody. There is legit something for everybody.

Courtesy of Kipling

Hypnotic Apples Art M Printed Tote Bag, $129, Kipling

This roomy satchel should inspire you to clear your scheduled in order to embark on an impromptu weekend getaway or roadtrip.

The verdict is in — the Snow White x Kipling collection is the coolest (and fairest!) of them all.