Lime Crime's Unicorn Hair Dye Is Super Affordable

by Kali Borovic

If you're looking to amp up your hair for summer, look no further. Lime Crime's Unicorn Hair Dye is the product you never knew you needed in your life. Think: do-it-yourself hair color in every shade you've been dreaming of. How much is Lime Crime's Unicorn Hair Dye, you ask? Let's just say that it's never been easier to get some amazing color in your life.

Unconventional hair color is a trend that isn't going anywhere any time soon. Thankfully, it's getting a whole lot easier. According to their website, Lime Crime created 13 colors that come as hair tints and full coverage products. Meaning that you can choose whether you want a hint of hue or full-on color. The shades, which were designed to condition hair as well, range from purples and pink to bright green. Basically, they have every color you've ever thought to get and a few you haven't.

Ready for the best part? A 7 oz. jar of hair dye costs $16. That's pretty darn affordable, if you ask me. Not to mention that you don't need bleach or any other tools to get the color. Just rub into hair, let it set for one to two hours, and rinse it out. This is pretty much the easiest at-home hair color you can possibly imagine.

Unicorn Hair in Strawberry Jam, $16, Lime Crime

According to the brand's Instagram, you'll be able to shop Unicorn Hair on Apr. 3. Something tells me that these will fly off the virtual shelves, so you should probably be sitting by your computer. Considering that these are three years in the making, I'd say you can wait a few more days.

All of the shades are completely safe to use too. According to their website, all of the color options are cruelty free and vegan. That means that everyone can get in on the colorful trend without feeling bad. The site also says that the color will "leave hair feeling silky smooth and smelling like a meadow", which is an added bonus.

Unicorn Hair in Sext, $16, Lime Crime

This color is only semi-permanent, so you can experiment without completely committing or damaging your hair. Although the shades won't last forever, this bottle will hold you over for multiple hair application. Becoming a unicorn has never been so easy.