MAC Cosmetics X Caitlyn Jenner Is Super Affordable

by Augusta Statz

You can’t stop with just one hit lipstick, at least that seems to be the case with this duo. Caitlyn Jenner and MAC Cosmetics are rolling out even more new products, and you’re going to want to add each and every piece to your collection. How much is the MAC Cosmetics X Caitlyn Jenner line? These stunning colors won’t break the bank!

The collab includes 15 different pieces with eye liner, eyeshadow, lip gloss and more. Because apparently, the lipstick these two released back in Spring 2016 just wasn't enough. According to a press release, the items range from $16 for eye shadows and $33 for a Mineralize Skinfinish bronzer in a cool brown shade. Not only is this makeup beautiful, it's also super affordable. So, there’s no reason not to add these beauty products to your cart as soon as they drop on Jan. 5. You’ll be able to shop in stores and online, it all depends on how eager you are to get your hands on this collection.

The packaging features gold metallic finishes, and if you thought the outside was gorgeous, you’re going to love what these containers hold inside. There are shimmering golds, dusty rose hues and deep plum colors in the range. So, like I said, you’re going to want to scoop these up, ASAP.

These beauties belong in your makeup bag.

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

There are three shadows, and each one retails for $16.

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

You won't regret adding this bronze baby across your lid, especially since it's going for only $17.

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

A light pink shade in Beautifully Bare will give you a hint of glam in your everyday life. Each of the three gloss hues are $21 apiece.

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

There's one online-only item in the mix, this bold red. You won't be able to pass up such a classic color, so lucky for you it's just 17 bucks.

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

Just look at this stunning range. There's nothing not to love about everything this collaboration has to offer, so be sure to keep an eye out for it on Jan. 5.