How Much Is The Kylie Cosmetics Blush Bundle? Grab Your Credit Card Now

It's time for a blush flush! Kylie Cosmetics dropped its first-ever single-serve blushes. There are five shades, each packaged in compacts with mirrors. The Kylie Cosmetics Pressed Powder blushes are matte and come in orange red, hot pink, pale pink, tangerine, and coral. The Kylie Blushes do not appear to be limited edition, either, since none of the marketing language or social media posts describe them as such. The blushes are $20 a piece and are currently in stock on the site. If you are having trouble picking a shade, you can purchase the Kylie Cosmetics blushes in a bundle, as well. That way, you have plenty of choices for when you want your cheeks to glow glamourously this spring and summer. How much is the Kylie Cosmetics Pressed Powder Blush Bundle?

The five-blush bundle costs $98. There isn't much of a discount when you purchase the blush bundle. You save $2, since there are five blushes that cost $20.

But remember this — Kylie Cosmetics offers free shipping on domestic orders over $40. The blush bundle certainly applies!

If you shell out the coin for this particular bundle, you will have a brand new blush wardrobe for the next several months. You won't need to think about buying blush for a while and will have lots of shades to play with.

I mean, how can you choose just one or even three? I love that the brand's signature drip logo is stamped into the product itself, don't you?

The Blush Bundle is yours for the taking. Just add a big, fluffy brush and sweep the buildable blushes on the apples of your cheeks for a crazy pretty flush. You can be subtle or dramatic, depending on how much product you apply and buff.


Naughty names and cool colors!

The Kylie Pressed Powder Blushes have cruised into our lives and onto our cheeks at precisely the right time.