Too Faced X Kat Von D Is Worth Every Penny

Courtesy Sephora

If you’ve laid eyes on the Too Faced X Kat Von D collab, you already know you’ll be adding these items to your makeup bag. There’s just no sense in denying yourself products that are this incredible. How much is the TooFaced X Kat Von D Better Together Collection? This is the last thing you need to figure out before making a purchase. You know, just so you can get your budget planned accordingly.

Thanks to the Sephora website, we already know how much each item in the range will cost. So, make sure you’re saving up that leftover Christmas cash because you’re going to be racking up the moment these products drop on Dec. 26. The collection contains an eyeshadow palette, a kit full of lippies, blush and more as well as a mascara/liner duo that will help you get your eye makeup looking fierce.

The pieces will be available to shop online at Sephora, TooFaced and Kat Von D. The entire range will be in Sephora stores, as well. The most expensive item is the Better Together Ultimate Eye Collection which comes with the heart-shaped shadow palette, mascara and liner for $65. The Better Together Cheek & Lip Makeup Bag Set is going for just $38, and the Better Together Bestselling Mascara & Liner Duo rings in at 20 bucks.


The fact that you get lip products, blush, highlighter and a carrying case for just $38 is pretty amazing.


I'll have no problems adding items like these to my cart.


These two have joined forces to create all sorts of #beautygoals.

Courtesy Sephora

Better Together Cheek & Lip Makeup Bag Set, $38, Sephora

All this for less than $40? Sign me up!

Courtesy Sephora

Better Together Ultimate Eye Collection, $65, Sephora

These shades + precise liner + mascara = the best eye look ever.

Courtesy Sephora

Better Together Bestselling Mascara & Liner Duo, $20, Sephora

You can shop two of the best beauty products together in one bundle. Thank you, Too Faced X Kat Von D!

These items were not on sale at the time of publication, but you can sign up to receive an email notification as soon as they're in stock by visiting the individual product pages on the Sephora website. Dec. 26 can't get here soon enough. Make sure your bank accounts are ready!