Tory Burch's Love Relentlessly Costs This Much

If you're still on the search for the perfect 2017 scent, look no further. Tory Burch created the Love Relentlessly Eau de Parfum, which is a nod to her own parents love story. While the bottle and the inspiration behind the scent is great, the price is even better. How much is Tory Burch's Love Relentlessly, you ask? You'll be glad to know that you have lots of shopping options, depending on how much you want to commit to the scent.

When it comes to fragrances there are a few things that matter most. First of all, the actual scent is important. Love Relentlessly has notes of fiery pink pepper and patchouli fused with dewy rose and addictive amber, according to the description on the Ulta site. But the buying options are just as important. Since most fragrances aren't the most affordable, it's nice to be able to try them out without having to spend too much cash before you know you love it. The Love Relentlessly bottle would look absolutely gorgeous sitting on your makeup table (seriously though, I'm swooning at the baby pink color) no matter what size you buy, but the price point is arguably the best part of the launch.

There are four different sizes of Love Relentlessly to choose from. You can either go in all the way with the $115 3.4 oz. bottle, the $86 1.7 oz. bottle, or $68 1 oz. bottle.

According to the Ulta website, Burch based the fragrance on her own parent's love story. The gorgeous pink color is the perfect shade for this fragrance. Not to mention that the gold gives it an elegant look. If this smells half as great at it looks, then this is the fragrance to shop.

That's not all though. In addition to the gorgeous bottle in three different sizes, there's also a rollerball size as well. The Love Relentlessly Eau de Parfum Rollerball is $28, which makes it perfect for travel. The only difference is the packaging.

No matter which size you buy, you really can't go wrong. All of the perfume options are available on the Ulta and Tory Burch websites. If you shop from the latter, you can also snag a Love Relentlessly Body Lotion in the same scent too. So what are you waiting for? Get to shopping!