How Obama & Trump Talk About Their Wives Suggests They Express Affection Totally Differently

Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

When it comes to the Trumps and the Obamas, comparing the two can sometimes feel inevitable. They are historically adjacent first couples with two very different reputations, and each pair garners plenty of attention in its own right. How Trump and Obama talk about their wives, too, has often been at the center of attention, whether because of a recent tweet or soundbite offered in an interview. Placing these blurbs side by side only proves to highlight just how unalike both pairs are.

By virtue of being older and working in reality television, Trump has been a celebrity longer than Obama. But while Obama gained national attention later in life, there is certainly no dearth of public comments on his and wife Michelle Obama's relationship.

The Trumps, meanwhile, are a relatively new couple when compared to the Obamas, who have been married for a quarter of a century. (The Trumps have officially been married since 2005.) That being said, the very nature of the presidency requires that the two are constantly in the spotlight, and the Trumps frequently promote each other in the press. Many of Donald Trump's public comments come from tweets — the president's specialty.

Both presidents speak fondly of their wives, though often in different ways — Barack Obama praises Michelle Obama as a reliable partner, and Donald Trump frequently praises Melania Trump as a thoughtful homemaker. As evidenced by how they frame their marriages, the two are very different people.