Here's How Tonight's Occultation Could Affect Your Sign


The word "occultation" sounds like something you'd see in a B-horror movie title — dramatic, mysterious, and of apocalyptic nature. But it's actually a really common word that explains the instance in which one celestial body blocks out another celestial body in space — an event that's happening Sept. 18, when the moon will be blocking out three whole planets and of one our brightest stars. So while "The Occultation" would be a great name for a doomsday space movie, it's just a scientific explanation for planets and stars upstaging each other. That said, you're going to want to know how the occultation will affect your zodiac sign because while in terms of viewing, it might just mean we can't see Venus, Mars, Mercury, or Regulus at different points in the day, but there might be some affects of the event that go beyond what they eye can or cannot see.

First of all, this occultation is a pretty rare event. It's the first time that three whole planets have been obscured in such a short period of time since 2008, and the same event won't happen again until 2036. So, if you have access to a telescope, it's definitely worth popping outside and checking out. At this point, the moon has already passed in front of Venus and Regulus, but between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. EST, the moon will pass in front of Mars and Mercury, too. But while with the right equipment you might be able to see something the best view is going to be for the people who are living in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. So really, the importance of this occultation is not about a celestial sight to see, it's really more about how the event might with your personal life

Any time there's an interference between the Earth's relationship to the planets, astrologists believe that it has the power to affect the way we feel and the way we interact with our lives on Earth. Based on your zodiac sign, here's how Sept. 18's occultation might affect you:


This month is transitional for you, and while things might have been moving forward professionally very steadily, expect a few set backs this week. You're still on track, though, so stay positive and work on your balance this week.


This is a really good month for getting along with the people you love. If you have a surprising fight with someone or start to feel short-circuited, just know it's not you. It's the moon. Things will go back to normal soon, apologize and move on.


You've been so good this month on taking it easy, resting and putting your emotional health first. This week you might get swept up in something that challenges your zen — try to get through it and remain calm. You don't want to backtrack on your progress.


You might feel like everyone around you is being difficult this month and getting in your way both emotionally and professionally. Try to be patient and let everyone do their thing. Focus on yourself and the things you can control when the occultation makes the people around you seem more difficult than ever.


Usually Mars gives you the energy to be outgoing and vivacious professionally, but this week you might feel a bit tapped out of your mojo. It's not your fault, it's just the moon. Try to find the inner strength and wait for the lag to pass.


You might be in for a bumpy ride with your finances this month, so expect whatever issues that have been brewing to come to a boil this week, thanks to the moon making things difficult for you. Remain calm and don't do anything impulsively.


You've been feeling pretty good in the romantic department this month. Your sensual vibes have been strong and steady, but expect your sex drive to plummet on Sept. 18. You'd probably rather do anything other than have sex because the moon is blocking your connection to Venus which is responsible for much of your sensuality.


While you might be work obsessed, love might be taking the spotlight this month. Let it. And when you have a major hiccup in your new relationship on Sept. 18 due to the moon, don't let your ego get bruised too bad. You can get through this and juggle both love and work.


You are feeling super powerful in your line of work this month. Things have been on the up and up and you're cruising. But expect something in your personal life to interfere with your professionalism, if you're prepared, you can handle it with grace.


You're having a great month career-wise, but don't burn the candle at both ends. During the occultation, your health might take a dip and throw you off balance. Make sure you're taking your vitamins and getting enough sleep this week to fight the effects.


You might feel like you've had a really challenging month already and like you have to work extra hard just to remain above water. You might actually get a break from the chaos this week, try to enjoy it, it won't last long.


Accept the help of people around you, this month has been difficult and the occultation might make thing even more complicated. But the people in your life know just how to help you and if you can let them in, you'll do just fine.