Here's How Tacos Basically Brought Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams Together

On Tuesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, actress Sarah Hyland shared how she and Wells Adams started dating. There's already been lots of speculation that the couple's relationship began on Twitter (and it did), but you probably didn't know that the pair's mutual love for tacos also brought them together.

Hyland, who stars on Modern Family, told Kimmel that she initially met Adams, a former cast member on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, online. As Hyland described, "He slid into my DMs ... we had tweeted each other [before] and I thought he was funny and he was a fan of the show [Modern Family]." She then went on to describe how Adams took the initiative to ask her out on a date for drinks and tacos, something which she definitely found appealing.

As Hyland told Kimmel, Adams was direct in his request, saying, "Next time we're in LA, I'm taking you out ... for drinks and tacos." Hyland noted that it was fate that the now-couple had such a strong affinity for the same food, saying, "I [coincidentally] love tacos. He loves tacos so that was like his thing, like 'I love tacos, let's see if she likes tacos' ... we both like tacos!"

Hyland also told Kimmel that she appreciated the bold, but respectful nature of Adams' request, revealing that, when she initially received his message, she was thinking, "This is really awesome. You're being very forward, and it's sexy and like not aggressive ... if you're like confident and sexy, I like that."

Kimmel then joked with Hyland, saying, "What are the odds that two people that love tacos ... I mean, this is incredible ... it's like a marriage made in Mexico, Guillermo [Rodriguez], right?"

Rodriguez, who is on the show nightly as a supporting personality, laughed and replied, "Right, yeah, you love tacos and tequila!" Hyland seemed enthusiastic about the prospect, saying, "Tacos and tequila ... it's like our thing!"

Hyland also previously discussed her relationship with Adams last month, telling ET's Katie Krause on the red carpet at 102.7 KIIS FM's Jingle Ball that she believes she and Adams are so compatible because, "We're the same person with different genitalia."

Adams features prominently on Hyland's Instagram account, with the Modern Family star regularly sharing photos of the couple together. Indeed, Hyland shared a photograph of the couple earlier this month, and captioned it, "Very proud to be with a man that thinks it’s sexy when a woman speaks her mind and stands up for herself. Which, in my opinion, is VERY sexy."

In November, Hyland also took to Instagram to thank Adams for planning what appeared to be an epic, week-long birthday celebration for her. Hyland shared a picture of the festivities and wrote, "... @wellsadams took my birthday and made it in to an entire week celebration. No one makes me feel as special as you do. Hey... You're my favorite thing"

In the same month, Hyland also spoke with Entertainment Tonight about how important it is for the man she's dating to meet her "second family" a.k.a. the Modern Family cast. “These people have become my real-life family ... Like, for guys, you have to meet the parents, which is stressful. But then I think the more stressful thing is to meet the second family, which is not only the Dunphy family but the entire cast, and the entire crew and all of our writers, and everybody that’s involved ... That’s the second family that I think is the most terrifying thing for guys that I date.”

While it's unclear whether or not Adams has met the cast of Modern Family yet, his and Hyland's relationship certainly seems to be going strong — and it all began with the solid foundation of tacos.