If You’re Having Trouble Communicating This Month, Saturn Retrograde Could Be To Blame

You've probably heard of Mercury retrograde — or, more likely, you've heard murmurs about this chaos-inducing astronomical phenomenon once or twice and went on to start blaming it for pretty much anything bad that's happened in your life since then. Honestly, no judgment. After all, it's pretty handy to have such a convenient excuse for tech glitches, communication misunderstandings, and all manner of other daily annoyances. There's another retrograde happening, though, and if you're already convinced of Mercury's powers, I'm sure you're anxious to learn more about how Saturn retrograde will affect communication for each sign in 2018.

According to Astrology King, this year's Saturn retrograde began on Apr. 17 and will continue for nearly five months, wrapping up on Sept. 9. Serendipity Astrolovers notes that "retrograde" for any planet refers to the period during which that planet appears to be moving backward. Because this is quite literally the opposite of normal planetary movement, there are a lot of theories about how retrogrades — including the 2018 Saturn retrograde — impact our lives here on Earth.

Generally speaking, NYC-based astrologer Lisa Stardust doesn't feel that Saturn retrograde is an especially bad period. It can, however, bring certain kinds of conflicts and conversations to the forefront. "Often, issues with authority figures, structures, and paternal figures are brought into light as problems within these dynamics are brought to a head," Stardust tells Bustle. "It's also a time when people reevaluate relationships with others."

If you're curious about the conflicts and communication issues that you might encounter in the months ahead, read on for Stardust's sign-by-sign predictions.


Resist the urge to isolate yourself during retrograde, because in order to achieve your goals, you need to be actively communicating and strategizing with others. Don't be afraid to be open about your plans, because people want to help you!


Now is a great time to communicate more openly with your friend group about the ideas you have for upcoming plans and trips. The person who's taken on the role of "social director" thus far might be driving you a little wild, so be sure that you're approaching them kindly and thoughtfully with your opinions.


Feeling overwhelmed on the job? Nothing's going to get better unless you ask your boss for a little extra support. You tend to try to juggle things perfectly at all times so you look like you have everything under control, but during this retrograde, it's going to be important that you communicate well so that you do a better job. It might even lead to new opportunities sooner than you were expecting!


"You may be looking for something new to believe in," Stardust tells Bustle about Tauruses during Saturn retrograde. "Your faith may be tested now, however, you can find new radical beliefs that align with yourself during this time." In terms of communication, you might want to focus on asking good questions and being open to others who are sharing their personal experiences with faith and belief.


It's time to be direct with the people in your life about money. If you're out to dinner with friends and it's implied that you can cover the bill, say no! Others might be struggling with their finances these days, but there's no reason you need to be too. Get clear about what you can and can't afford so you can keep your own wallet in shape.


Cancer, you may be feeling like you've taken on the parent role within your romantic relationship recently. You need to evaluate your communication patterns and focus on finding a healthier balance so there's equal responsibility across the board.


If your coworkers are looking to you for help during retrograde, Leo, be honest about what you actually can and want to offer. Resist the urge to overcommit or agree just to be nice. Be open about your bandwidth so that you don't grow resentful.


You may find yourself struggling to communicate clearly with your S.O. or friends these days. Without meaning to, you've misrepresented what you want, what you need, and what you can give in return to the people you love. Now that you're aware of it, see if you can get back to basics and tell the truth about your current capacity, especially within romantic relationships.


It's never easy to say "no" to family members, but Stardust says that Libras might be struggling to do it even more while Saturn is in retrograde. Understand that this is a challenge for you right now and don't be afraid to practice boundaries.


Scorpio, you may have noticed that you're struggling to understand and connect with the people in your life, and it probably comes down to different communication styles. According to Stardust's prediction, you might also notice others trying to get to know you on a deeper level so that you can communicate better moving forward.


Feeling a little extra financial responsibility these days, Sagittarius? Remember that it's not up to you to support everyone else before you can support yourself. Take a harder line on what your bank account can actually handle, and make sure you're making clear to others that you need to manage your own expenses before you can help with theirs.


Saturn retrograde is the perfect time for you to stop letting your self-doubt hold you back. Start some positive self-talk. "You have the motivation and drive to achieve all your goals," Stardust tells Bustle. "Practice daily affirmations to boost your confidence."