Here’s How Each Zodiac Sign Will Probably Feel During The Holidays This Year
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Some people are already putting up holiday decorations, queuing up the Christmas music, and starting holiday movie marathons. Others are feeling more like the Grinch. Is your love or disdain for the holidays written in the stars? How the holidays affect you based on your zodiac sign could explain why your feeling meh instead of merry as the winter holidays approach. Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac embody both positive and negative traits. And, after the dumpster fire of 2017, it's no surprise that many people's negative traits could be driving the bus heading into the holiday season.

The stomach dropping, non-stop rollercoaster ride of 2017 could play a role in how the holidays will affect you this year. It's also important to remember that astrology is basically a road map from the cosmos to help you get to where you're going, but it's by no means set in stone. Unlike math, there's more than one correct answer, and the best part is that you always have the power to change your own narrative. Some people might be looking forward to escaping into the hustle and bustle of the holidays this year, while others might just want to hide under the best until 2018. If you wondering how the 2017 holidays could affect you, here are the answers based on your sign.


Aries Prepares To Party, For Better Or Worse

Aries-born people love a good party, and the holidays are a great excuse to throw an epic bash. However, how holiday parties affect Aries can depend on which characteristics the ram is leading with. According to UC Davis, Aries can either be adventurous and energetic, or selfish and quick-tempered. If you're an Aries mired in a negative cycle as you head into the holidays, you'll probably still hit the holiday-party circuit, but you could end up snapping at people, withholding kindness, and bogarting all of the holiday punch. On the other hand, an Aries who leads with their positive traits will fill everyone's holiday with energy and adventure. The choice is really up to you.


Taurus Commits To Holiday Traditions

A Taurus will commit to celebrating the holidays no matter what. But, the bull's tendency to be persistent and determined, or resentful and inflexible, can determine how the celebration turns out. Like Clark Griswold in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Taurus wants to cut the tree, deck the house out in lights that will blind people for miles, and have an epic feast. A happy Taurus will almost always result in a merry holiday. However, a pissed off bull won't cancel the festivities because their stubborn nature makes them determined to see if through no matter what. If you're a Taurus who woke up on the wrong side of the holidays this year, consider trying to reset your mood before the festivities begin.


Gemini Is Along For The Ride

Because Gemini-born people love to talk, and talk, and talk, skipping out on the holidays is not an option. But, the side of the twins' personality that's leading the conversation could determine whether or not anyone wants to listen. A jubilant Gemini will spread love and holiday cheer wherever they go. Because the twins are adaptable, youthful, witty, and lively, they make a great addition to any holiday celebration. However, a surly Gemini could end up trapping guests in the corner and asking them inappropriate questions, like when they're going to grow up and get their lives together already. There's always one person like this at every holiday celebration. Gemini, this year it might be you.


Cancer Will Host A Holiday Celebration

Cancer loves to care for and nurture those they love, which means that if you can wrangle an invitation to a happy crab's house this holiday season, you'll definitely have all of the warm and fuzzy feels you can handle. But, if Cancer is not feeling merry and bright this year, a trip to their house could end up with the crab having an emotional exorcism in front of all of the guests, and trying to turn a dinner party into a slumber party so they don't have to be alone. If a crab in your life is having a holiday meltdown, do them a solid and spend the night.


Leo Brings The Fire

For better or wore, Leo will bring the fire this holiday season. Generous, warmhearted, creative, and enthusiastic, the lion could help more apathetic signs get their holiday roar on. But, if Leo ends up with coal in their holiday stocking, you might want to steer clear of this fire sign. Because Leo likes to be center stage no matter what, they're not going to cancel the show just because Santa skipped their house. However, their disappointment could manifest as bossy and intolerant behavior that burns down everyone else's holiday joy.


Virgo Tries To Have The Perfect Holiday

Aiming for perfection usually results in disappointment, but that won't stop perfectionistic Virgo from trying, even if kills them. For a Virgo, controlled and planned holiday fun is the only kind to have. Since everyone's mood is a crap shoot this year, it's not certain which side of Virgo will be planning the holiday festivities. If you a the holiday guest of a Virgo you could either be treated to a beautifully executed holiday, or you could end up getting yelled at for not eating your cutout cookies over the sink. Because, crumbs.


Libra Loves Holiday Beauty

For romantic and charming Libra, the holidays provide an allure of endless possibilities. From kissing under the mistletoe, to romantic holiday-movie classics, to beautiful decorations and holiday fashion, the holidays are totally Libra's jam. However, because Libra is perpetually indecisive, deciding what decorations to put up, where to go, and what to wear when they go there, what to cook, or which movie to watch could cause stress for them and those in their orbit. If you have a Libra in your life whose holiday indecision is spinning out of control, spread some cheer by helping them make some decisions.


Scorpio Is On Everyone's Invite List

Magnetic Scorpio will be invited to everyone's holiday party. If Scorpio is standing strong in their powerful, passionate, and intuitive characteristics, any party a Scorpio attends will see them being the most sought out by guests for advice, conversation, or admiration. However, if Scorpio is mired in jealousy and secrecy, their presence over the holidays could turn the festivities into a junior high school playground where everyone wishes recess was over already.


Sagittarius Wanderlust Takes Over

Easy-going Sagittarius is always up for a trip, and the holidays offer the perfect excuse for this sign to exercise its wanderlust. And, because Sagittarius is optimistic and jovial, they've never met a holiday they didn't like. The only downside to the Sagittarius always seeing the glass as half full is their tendency to overlook crucial details that could make holiday travels plans go awry. If you're a Sagittarius planning a holiday trip, make sure to give a gift to your traveling companions by making a list and checking it twice.


Capricorn Carries The Comedy

Capricorn can always be counted on to bring the comedy or find the funny in most any situation, and the holidays are no exception. Patient and reserved, Capricorn doesn't expect the holidays to be perfect or solve all of their problems, but that doesn't mean they're in love with the holidays either. Whether the Capricorn's comedy is funny or not depends on how they're feeling. A Capricorn who's feeling more like Scrooge than Santa could be snappy and sarcastic.


Aquarius Gets Inventive

People born under the sign of Aquarius march to the beat of their own drum. This is the sign most likely to have a Festivus pole instead of a tree, or to decorate a holiday pineapple with lights and glitter. For Aquarius, the holidays are just another excuse for them to express their individuality, and if no one wants to come to their Festivus party, the Aquarius doesn't sweat it because, they're used to going their own way.


Pisces Wants Peace On Earth

Pensive Pisces is know to escape into their own inner world when the real world gets too dark and twisty. The holidays are the perfect time for Pisces to create their own holiday wonderland, both in their physical space and inside of their own head. If you're feeling like the Grinch this holiday season, the fish is more than happy to invite you into their holiday fantasy world, just make sure to leave your dark and twisty energy at the door to embark on a holiday magical mystery tour that only Pisces can pull off.