Here’s Exactly How (And When) Each Of The ‘BB20’ Power Apps Works

Monty Brinton/CBS

Things are starting to get intense inside the Big Brother house, not only thanks to the fact the number of houseguests are dwindling, but also because there are now three potential Power Apps that could be put into play at any time, which is why it's important to have a complete understanding of how the Big Brother 20 Power Apps work. Because once these advantages start rolling out, it may start to get a confusing, even for the biggest BB fans.

At the very start of the season, Julie Chen told both viewers and the houseguests themselves that technology would play a vital role in the game throughout. It wasn't too long after that that the BB App Store was unveiled, allowing America to vote each week on who they thought should be deemed the most trending houseguest and least trending houseguest. The person who won the most trending title would get to choose a Power App from the store that could be used to their advantage, while the least trending person would select from a variety of Crap Apps that would hinder their game in some way. Once a houseguest was selected for an app, they could no longer be eligible for another one in the future.

Now all three of the Power Apps have been distributed. But since none have been put into action, let's take a moment to breakdown what to expect when the tech hits the fans...

Sam's "Bonus Life" App

This "Bonus Life" app allows any evicted houseguest (whether it be Sam herself or the houseguest of her choosing) the chance to return to the game after being voted out. Be sure to take note of the word "chance" in this situation, meaning it's not necessarily a guarantee the evicted person would return. You have to successfully win a comp in order to be brought back in, though it definitely gives the houseguest a good fighting chance.

Sounds like a pretty good deal, except it comes with an end date. Sam needs to use the power within the first three weeks or else it will automatically be used on the fourth week elimination. Sam opted not to use it on Steve or Swaggy C, and if she doesn't use it on Winston or Brett this week, she'll then have zero say on who gets to benefit from it the following week. That's great news if she or one of her allies finds themselves on the block then — but if it's someone that she wants out in order to help her game, then it kinda sucks.

Tyler's "The Cloud" App

Tyler was the second houseguest to receive a Power App and he opted to take "The Cloud," which prevents him from being put on the block during any given nomination ceremony or veto meeting during the first eight weeks of the competition. However, he needs to use it before the Head of Household reveals their elimination picks for the week, so it's not like he can wait and see if he gets put up and then use the power. He needs to make that call prior to the unveiling, and if he doesn't know that he's a target, he could end up not using it when he needs it most. But given how Tyler has been the puppet master of the house since practically Day One, he'll probably be able to use it to his benefit.

Bayleigh's "Identity Theft" App

And last, but certainly not least, Bayleigh nabbed the "Identity Theft" app, which allows her to change who the HOH nominates to be put on the block and put up her own secret nominations instead. She can do this at any point up until there are only eight houseguests left. The best part about this power, though, is that it keeps her hands completely clean from any potential backlash, meaning the rest of the house will think the two nominees were the HOH's original picks.

Bayleigh went into even more detail about it on the live feeds, revealing that the HOH cannot state even after the fact that the nominations weren't their own choices. So basically, Bayleigh could make other alliances like Level 6 turn on themselves, especially if a member of the Level 6 alliance is the HOH at the time and ends up having to put up members from their own team without being able to explain why. If that really is the case, then this is by far the best power to have. The only twist is that she can’t name any replacement nominees that come up after the Veto competition, so it's not a totally flawless power, but it's pretty darn close.

Suffice to say, things are going to start getting intense fairly quickly once these apps actually start getting used. Luckily, they all come with expiration dates, so fans won't have to wait too long for the chaos and double-crossing to ensue.