How This Makeup Pro Gets Her Skin Looking Flawless For A Night Out

By Sarah Lakos

Do you wish you had a makeup pro at your beck and call to give you extra, flawless beauty looks all the time? Um, yes? Of course. Well, if having a seasoned makeup artist move in with you isn't an option, consider this tip-packed Q&A the next best thing.

In partnership with Too Faced, we asked their Global Beauty Director, Elyse Reneau, how she creates the brand’s trademark base and her favourite bold eye look. Elyse also shared a game-changing mascara hack that will leave you and your eyelashes shook.

The Queen of Too Faced is about to drop some incredible knowledge your way...

Q: Hi, Elyse! Everyone talks about the "strong eye or bold lip" rule. Is that still a thing?

A: "At Too Faced, we don’t believe in rules! Makeup is a fantastic tool for expressing yourself, and I personally love doing colourful eyeshadow with lipstick in the same pop of colour. It’s 2019 — wear what you want, when you want!"

Q: That sounds amazing! What's an easy way to give your eyes that colourful look?

A: "I always suggest trying our Sweet Peach Palette. There's a bright peach shade called Candied Peach that looks good on everyone. When applying, use a fluffy brush to sweep into the crease of your eye or a dense brush to press onto the lid. I also love using this shade as a blush."

Q: And how would you create that flawless skin?

A: "Okay, I’ll break it down into five steps...

Step 1: Prep your skin with Hangover Replenishing Face Primer to moisturise.

Step 2: Apply Born This Way Foundation to the center of your face, and work it out and downwards to lay down the tiny hairs on your face.

Step 3: Apply Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer two shades lighter than your foundation in the ‘triangle of light’ (the triangular area between your temples and the point of your chin), and blend upward into your temples.

Step 4: Press and roll Born This Way Setting Powder into your t-zone and under your eyes to lock your complexion down.

Step 5: Mist Hangover 3-in-1 Setting Spray over your complexion to make your makeup look like natural, glowing skin, and help it stay transfer resistant."

Q: What’s your favourite mascara for high-impact lashes?

A: "Damn Girl! is great for short and fine lashes, because it is very volumising. The formula is patent-pending for a reason: It creates drama on even the finest of lashes.

Just don’t pump it! The Damn Girl! formula has been injected with air, and the brush has been designed to carry the perfect amount of mascara. My application tip: Always start with your bottom lashes. This way, when you're looking up, you don’t get wet mascara on your lids."

Q: What products are always in your bag?

"I always have hand sanitiser, hand cream, silk hair ties, a stain remover pen, a disposable mini toothbrush, and eye drops.

On a night out, I'll carry Lip Injection Extreme and Born This Way Powder Foundation. It’s been years since I carried a traditional compact in my bag, and I had forgotten how amazing it is for touch-ups on the go."

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Images: Courtesy of Too Faced and Elyse Reneau

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