It's Almost Too Easy To Apply To Be On 'The Bachelor'


If you're even remotely a follower of The Bachelor franchise you've definitely wondered how to apply to be on The Bachelor and live happily ever in Bachelor Nation. It's actually not that difficult to get on the show and embark on your own journey to find everlasting love. As long as you're there for the right reasons, of course.

Knowing how popular The Bachelor franchise is, you'd think the application forms would be as long as a novel and invasive AF, requiring super detailed and personal information from each applicant. That's not necessarily the case, although that will depend on the application method chosen — and there are quite a few of them. While the questions on the application may not get as personal as you anticipated, there is a tall list of eligibility requirements potential contestants must meet before being considered for the show. So if you plan to apply, no matter how, make sure you read those in detail before sending off your other qualifications, including your best selfie.

Today's applicants are, yes, blessed enough to have the internet on their side when it comes to ease of application for the show. The simplest and quickest way to sign up is to fill out the online application, which includes a few basic questions like "Why do you want to be on the show?" and it gives you the option to include your social media handles. But there are a slew of other ways to apply.

Or Send Your App Via Snail Mail

Yes, that's still an option. There are two separate mail-in applications for guys and girls, and they ask questions that are a bit more detailed and get a bit deeper (They're around six pages.). It's possible that candidates who apply online could receive a follow-up questionnaire that asks the more personal stuff, whereas the mail-in application houses all of the necessary info in one place. Some of the questions that appear on the girl's paper questionnaire are "What's your favorite [alcoholic] drink?" and "Are you genuinely looking to get married and why?"

Start Filming Early By Making An Audition Video

If you thought the paper application was, um, extra, check out the filming instructions for a Bachelor audition tape. Let's just say there are a lot of exclamation points. The instructions are very detailed, telling the applicant everything from what to wear on camera to how to frame the shot — oh, and not to chew gum. They also include prompts to get the conversation started — essentially another questionnaire. Those include "Describe your ultimate fantasy date!" and "Do you have any special talents?"

Attend A Casting Call

Unfortunately, the nationwide casting calls for the upcoming season of The Bachelor have come to a close, but they are also an option to keep tabs on if you're looking to apply in the distant future.

You Can Nominate Your Bestie

If you have always thought a friend of yours could thrive in the fantasy suite, you're in luck. It's not well advertised, but you can nominate whoever you want to be on The Bachelor using the same online application form. Just simply check "Nominating Someone" instead of "Applying Yourself." And remember to ask her the most important question of them all: "Will you accept this rose?"