How To Avoid Ingrown Armpit Hair & Other Armpit Shaving Hacks You Don't Know

Now, we all know shaving your armpits is hardly necessary. To spend any time at all shaving a silly little patch of hair often feels ridiculous. But, if you're like me, scratchy hair in your armpits can get too uncomfortable not to shave. Which is why I was blown away to hear that there are armpit shaving hacks that no one teaches you.

While looking for ways to improve my shaving experience as well as the overall health of my pits, I stumbled across several great shaving tips to prevent irritation and pesky ingrown hairs.

First things first, exfoliate. You can use a scrub, a loofah, or a washcloth. You just want to make sure that you prep your underarm hair before you shave to prevent ingrown hairs. Another step (and one I'm guilty of skipping) is using a shaving cream (or an oil works, too). You should also look for a razor that has multiple blades to give you a closer shave. I find that the razor's typically marketed to men work particularly well for my armpits. So if, like me, you prefer to shave then make sure you're using some of these tips and tricks to take care of your armpits so you don't end up with ingrown hairs or irritated skin.

1. Gently Exfoliate Your Underarms Before Shaving


Suki Exfoliate Foaming Body Cleanser, $35, Amazon

Make sure you're exfoliating your skin before you take a razor to it. The area under your armpits can be super sensitive, so it's important to use a gentle scrub. This one is great because it's a foaming body cleanser and it won't irritate your skin. This scrub exfoliates and rejuvenates skin. It gets rid of dead skin cells, which will help you avoid ingrown hairs in the future. It's even gentle enough to use every day if want to shave frequently.

2. Make Sure To Lather Up


Proraso Shaving Foam For Sensitive Skin, $9, Amazon

This shaving cream is made with oat extract and green tea. Together the ingredients work together to soothe skin and prevent irritation that can often be caused by shaving. Make sure you remember to lather up your armpits each time before you shave. It will go a long way in making your skin softer and healthier. Apply this after you've been in the shower for a few minutes so that you can get a smoother shave, as hair softens and pores open the longer you've been in there.

3. If You Don't Have A Cream At Hand, Use An Oil


Bioderma Atoderm Shower Oil, $20, Amazon

If I don't have a shaving cream in my shower, I end up skipping that step. This sometimes leaves my underarms feeling irritated. But, I almost always have a shower oil in there. Oil is a great alternative to shaving cream and is actually better for prolonging the life of your razor (because it doesn't clog the blades). This one isn't greasy and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth after using it.

4. Use A Razor That Will Give You A Close Shave


eShave 3 Blade Shaving Razor, $75, Amazon

I have been using a men's razor for as long as I can remember. I like them because I have dark, coarse hair that a women's razor just can't seem to handle. I am left with the closest shave on my armpits when I use a razor that pivots, is easy to maneuver, and has sharp blades. This one is great because it checks all those boxes. Users agree that it's sturdy and offers a super close shave.

5. Replace Your Blade Often

Gillette Fusion Manual Razor Blade Refills (12 Count), $35, Amazon

To avoid irritation, razor burn, ingrown hairs, or infections, make sure you're switching out your blades frequently. Depending on how often you shave you should be replacing your razor head every one to two weeks to ensure that you're getting a sanitary shave. If you start to see that your razor has dulled or rusted, it's time to swap it out.

6. A Hair Removal Cream Is Better If Your Skin Gets Irritated From Shaving


WOW Hair Vanish, $55, Amazon

Shaving isn't for everyone. If you have super sensitive skin, it can easily be irritated by the constant use of a razor. Instead, you can use a hair removal cream that's designed for sensitive skin. This cream is infused with Himalayan spring water that claims to leave your skin extra hydrated. Plus, it will not only remove hair, but it will also minimize the growth, which means with each use your hair will grow back finer, less dense, and less often. One user said, "This is amazing stuff! I have been using it for only a few days, and I am noticing a huge difference."

7. A Hair Inhibitor Allows You To Shave Less And Less


Whish Deodorant Swipes, $20, Amazon

When you're done shaving, you'll want to moisturize your armpits. This natural deodorant is made with ingredients like chamomile and calendula to help soothe skin. But, perhaps the best part is that it will reduce hair growth over time. The deodorant swipes are actually hair inhibitors, and with each use you'll notice less hair growing back. One buyer said that her hair "never grew back so slowly," and that they "smell wonderfully."

8. Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs, Bumps, And More


PFB Vanish + Chromabright, $19, Amazon

This serum is perfect for using on your underarms because it comes in a convenient roll-on bottle. If you suffer from razor burn or find yourself frequently dealing with ingrown hairs then you should look into using this. It aims to provide relief from skin irritation and prevent future skin issues.

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