How To Balance A Job With A Side Hustle, According To People Who’ve Done It

Lightfield Studios/Shutterstock

These days, having a single nine-to-five, secure job till the end of your working life is increasingly rare. CNN reported in 2017 that more than 44 million Americans now have a side hustle — a job, or several, alongside their main income-earner — and statistics from Bankrate in the same year showed that 28 percent of millennials between 18 and 26 have at least one. It's pretty common to be a double or triple threat, juggling more traditional employment with freelance work, commissions, artistic jobs and other passion projects. Millennials have a lot of debt, high goals, and big dreams, and multiple jobs and occupations are often the most sensible way to deal with all those elements at once.

I'm a typical millennial in that I have more than one side hustle: I combine content, copywriting, and a career as a librettist and lyricist, plus I write novels. However, figuring out how to prioritize your time, pursue the right side hustles at the right time, and organize your obligations can be tough. And that's without the added question: do you want to make the side hustle your main focus or stick with a more fragmented arrangement? Management is key for side hustling while remaining sane. Here are top expert tips on how to do it.