Glossier's New Wearable Merch Drops In The UK Sooner Than You Think

If you're into beauty, chances are you're into Glossier. And if you're into Glossier, chances are you own a Glossier sweater. The super-soft, fleecy grey sweatshirt proudly emblazoned with the Glossier logo is a bestseller for the brand, so it only makes sense that they've now extended their merch line with more covetable goods. GlossiWEAR is in the process of launching, with some items already available, and others coming soon. Here's everything you need to know, including how to buy GlossiWEAR in the UK.

Glossier unsurprisingly announced the launch of GlossiWEAR on their Instagram page in mid July. Alongside a photo of a woman wearing a new pink Glossier hoodie, the brand wrote:

"Limited edition GlossiWEAR coming Wednesday July 17th! Made just for you 😀👋 Sign up @ to be first to know when it’s here."

Since, a number of the items have launched, including a duffel bag, pool sliders, and varying hair accessories. However as with many Glossier limited edition goods, some of the initial drops have sold out already... sob.

The good news is that a second round of merch is on its way very soon, so I thought as a public service I should share when exactly these new bits would be available to shop. From the individual product pages, it appears that 6 September 2019 is the big day, and you can sign up for updates via each page. Each piece of merch will be available to buy online at

Some of the intial releases are also still available, so I've laid out everything clearly below to help you choose your ultimate GlossiWEAR pick from the current options to the upcoming releases (mine's the pink hoodie). Happy shopping!

Already available:

Coming soon: