Here's Where To Buy Hilary Clinton's 'Nasty Woman' Shirt

by Kali Borovic

The ultimate Nasty Woman strikes again! If you thought this slogan was over with election season, think again. Hillary Clinton shared a 'Nasty Woman' shirt on Twitter, and fans are absolutely loving it. Where can you buy the gear, you ask? Clinton is sharing the design of a late-night talk show host for a good cause. Gear up, my friends, because this strong sartorial message is far from over.

In case you've decided to black out the entire past election season — which I don't blame you for doing — let me catch you up. After Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton "a nasty women" in the final presidential debate, women all over started embracing the term. That might have been back in October 2016, but it's still alive and well now that Trump is in office. Clinton posted a photo of herself holding a "nasty women" shirt on Twitter, proving that the message is still going strong.

The design was thought-up by Samantha Bee, whom Clinton credits in her Twitter post. While the "Nasty Woman" t-shirt is nothing new — it's been around since before the election — you can still purchase the top through the TBS merch website. Each shirt is $25 and all proceed go towards Planned Parenthood, so you can feel great and look great all at the same time.

On top of making a charitable donation and getting an amazing top, you have some shopping options. You can get the design in a regular t-shirt, v-neck, or scoop-neck. Because all nasty women should be able to rock the cut of their choosing. You'll have to stick to black though, as that's the only color option as of now.

Nasty Woman Black T-Shirt, $25,

People are still very much behind the slogan too. If nothing else, Clinton's post made it apparent that people on Twitter are still backing the Nasty Woman cause. Here's what people have to say about the design.

When I said they were still going strong, I meant it.

One word, but it says so much.

People are even dreaming up how she should style it.

It's an all-around great product.

GIFs speak louder than words.

Needless to say, people are still pretty excited about the Nasty Woman gear.