I Tried These Leggings That Literally Won't Stop Selling Out & Immediately Ordered Another Pair

Kali Borovic

The season of leggings might be coming to an end, but this collab is bringing it back full-force. KiraGrace teamed up with Yoga Medicine Seva Foundation to fight human trafficking and sexual exploitation in India through fashion, and the cause isn't the only reason to shop. These marbled leggings have sold out extremely fast twice now, and there's a reason why. I tested out the leggings to find out why they're so popular and ended up buying a second pair after just one wear.

KiraGrace is no newbie to the active-wear world. The brand already creates tops, bottoms, and even dresses designed for yoga. But the 100 percent female-owned company took its love for leggings a little further by partnering with Seva. Together the brands came up with the Black Onyx Seva Collection that includes a pair of 100 percent charitable marbled leggings.

It didn't take long for the leggings to sell out. Between the brand's signature high-waist style and the stunning print, people were excited to give and get at the same time. Then came the second restock, which just so happened to fly off the virtual shelves as well.

On the wake of the third restock, I had to try out the leggings. Not only do they give the entire $98 go to charity, but the reviews have a 93 percent five-start rating. The other seven percent gives the design a four-star — not too shabby.

Kali Borovic

As soon as I slipped these pants on, I knew why they were rated so high. These leggings are more comfortable than not wearing pants. I didn't even think that was possible. In fact, the pants are so comfortable and move with my body so well that I instantly bought another pair.

"Made in the USA of a luscious, lightweight performance fabric that offers compression, moisture wicking and an ultra-soft feel, these leggings feature a high rise waistband and no outside seam for an incredibly smooth, sleek fit," Kira Karmazin, founder and creative director of KiraGrace, tells Bustle.

The brand is kidding when they say "lightweight," either. The leggings are soft and sturdy all while being completely durable. There's no gimmicky promise of making you feel or look a different way. These are just great leggings that almost make you forget that you're wearing them.

Kali Borovic

Plus there's the charitable aspect of the collaboration. KiraGrace is giving 100 percent of net profits from this purchase of the Seva Legging to the Seva Foundation that works to raise awareness and end trafficking in India.

"This initiative will help open a shelter outside New Delhi, India in 2018 for 100+ women and children human trafficking survivors," the website reads. "In addition to providing shelter, the funds will go towards healthcare, education, and basic needs for the survivors."

You don't just feel great in these leggings. You feel great about everything from the production to the ownership to the product. The business is all female-owned and operated and even uses a portion of sustainable fabrics that are "made from organic, recycled materials and produced with energy-saving, waste-minimizing, low-pollution technology," according to the website.

While not all of the brand's activewear outfits are charitabe, the brand makes sure to give back throughout the year. In addition to the Seva Leggings, they regularly have charitable collections and get involved in local, San Diego events as well.

Kali Borovic

The Seva leggings are currently in stock on the KiraGrace website right now. If you miss your chance during this restock, there's still one more chance to shop as well. According to the brand, there will be one more restock on May 8th as well.

Mark your calendars, because there's a reason that people keep coming back to the site for more.