How To Buy Kylie Jenner & Stormi's Valentine's Collection In The UK

Pierre Suu/Getty

Kylie Jenner is known for her endlessly creative makeup innovations, including collaborations that have seen her working alongside pretty much every member of the Kardashian-Jenner family. But one relative she's yet to work with (for obvious reasons) is her daughter Stormi. That is, it seems, until now. In an adorable turn of events, Kylie has revealed she is set to release a V-day line and it looks like Stormi is involved in some major way. Here's everything we know so far, including how to buy the Kylie-Stormi Valentine's collection in the UK.

Kylie revealed the exciting news via Instagram. The star posted a semi-cryptic — yet kind of obvious — hint that she's working alongside her daughter on her upcoming collection, with a picture of Stormi leaning over imagery of the new products. In front of super cute Stormi is layouts of products with the title "Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day Collection 2020," as well as another print-out that shows a product (presumably from this very line) that is adorned with butterflies and Stormi's name on the packaging. The caption simply reads, "coming soon.. ☺️💜🦋."

There's little news as of yet in terms of what the collection will include, but the Instagram picture features a number of swatches, and one palette that has a red/yellow/orange colour scheme.

It's also unclear when this collection will drop, but Stormi's birthday is on 1 February, meaning it could well come then. This date would be a suitable time considering it's a Valentine's Day-based range, too.

The big question is whether it'll be available in the UK. Presumably, much like all of Kylie Cosmetics' launches in the past, it will only be available to buy over here through the brand's U.S. based website. Currently there are no official UK retailers for Jenner's beauty goods, but perhaps that could all change in 2020. Mass beauty corp COTY acquired a majority share of Kylie Cosmetics at the end of 2019, which could possibly signal changes to the brand and where and how it is sold in future.

While Stormi is not even two years old yet, it comes as no surprise she has become involved with her mother's beauty business, considering her apparent early love of makeup. Kylie has previously posted videos of Stormi playing with makeup, and having fun doing so. And it looks like pretty soon the cute tot is going to be able to play with her very own products!