How To Celebrate Earth Day 2017 & Honor The Planet In The Right Way

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Apr. 22 is almost here, so you're surely going to want to figure out a few fun ways to celebrate Earth Day 2017. While the most obvious way might seem to be to post a picture of yourself hugging a tree on Instagram, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the day that are equally as rewarding for you as they are for the planet — and that are totally offline.

Because while Earth Day is definitely about celebrating the planet, that concept is two-fold. In order to truly celebrate the planet, we need first ensure its safety and do something that will positively effect the planet. The best way to spend your Earth Day is not to place your efforts online. The best way to celebrate, is to put your effort towards protecting the planet and making lasting, progressive changes — and by encouraging others to do the same.

If you want to do something epic for Earth Day, but don't know exactly how to organize your efforts, here are a few ideas that will be easy to squeeze into your schedule but will also actually help make a difference. Because that's what Earth Day is really about — showing your appreciation for the planet by making it a better place.

Have A Documentary Viewing Party


While it might not seem obviously progressive, education is the first step to making progress. Invite over some friends and queue up some Planet Earth. The more you know about the state of the planet, the better you can direct your efforts.

Join An Environmental Group


Check your local community listings for opportunities to get together with your neighbors to work on group clean-up projects together. It's great community building and make the work more fun.

Start An Environmental Group


If you can't find any groups to join, get some friends together, make some advertisements and make your own environmental help group. Whether it's cleaning up the local park once a month or offering help with recycling, your efforts will be felt. Most importantly, you might inspire other people to help out.

Volunteer With An Organization


Pick an organization that speaks to your interests. Whether you're maintaining hiking trails or helping with an animal shelter, find a place to volunteer that feels rewarding to you.

Swap Out Bad Habits


Consider making a lasting change like getting your veggies from the farmer's market or making your own chapstick at home with coconut oil.

Have A Planting Party


Invite over some friends and get to work on your own personal garden. Plant foods that you rely on the grocery store for. Not only is this activity super easy, it's a great excuse for a social gathering.

Set Progressive Goals


Change can be overwhelming, so if you need to make slower, long-term goals for yourself, that's fine. A few goals to consider: composting regularly, switching to a reusable water bottle permanently, using a canvas shopping tote or buying clothes second-hand.

Have A Zero Waste Craft Party


We waste so much plastic on packaging for your daily products, when we can make most of them from scratch at home to be stored in glass, steel or wooden containers. Get your friends together and make your own sustainable deodorant, toothpaste, or body butter.

Donate To A Environmental Cause

For many of us, donating to causes we care about isn't even an option due to financial responsibilities. Instead, you can help raise money for causes by volunteering your funding efforts via social media.

Adopt A Highway


You've probably noticed an "Adopt a Highway" sign before but never really considered it. For a nominal fee, you can "take care of" a highway by ensuring it's clean and maintained.

Foster A Pet


If you live in a pet-friendly home and have a love for animals but not the means to adopt one full time, offer your fostering services to a local shelter.

Have A Clean-Up Get Together


Earth Day is the perfect day to get together with your friends and get your hands dirty. Head out into the neighbor hood with rubber gloves, trash bags a and a lot of love for the planet. If you mange to have fun while doing it, consider making it a monthly habit — because Earth Day should really be every day.